Blayze Games Begins Filing Copyright Strikes on Hacking Videos

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By KirbyZapYoYo on Jul 21, 2018 at 4:15 AM
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    Warriors of Bullet Force and Forward Assault,

    Blayze Games will begin to publish weekly reports for banning hackers and taking down videos promoting hacking of its games.

    Every Saturday, Alexkazam, Blayze Games’ social media marketer, will post weekly statistics on the game’s Facebook page on number of accounts caught cheating banned and number of videos for which copyright strikes were filed against on.

    Since the middle of the second week of July, Blayze Games filed copyright strikes against 535 videos promoting hacking Bullet Force and Forward Assault.

    This figure includes 374 Bullet Force videos and 161 Forward Assault videos. A mix of the most-viewed hacking videos and new videos showcasing modded APK’s for the latest versions of both games are included.

    The copyright strikes are part of Blayze Games’ change in direction. After fixing bugs and glitches, the next priority is fighting hackers by improving both games’ anti-cheat systems, hiring more moderators and Discord moderators, and taking down videos that promote hacking.

    Thank you for your continued support for Bullet Force and Forward Assault!
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KirbyZapYoYo, Jul 21, 2018.

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