Blayze Games Copyright Strike Weeks 3 and 4

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    Blayze Gamers,

    We present you the copyright strike statistics for weeks 3 and 4!

    Copyright strikes have been filed against 210 additional Bullet Force videos that have been found to promote hacking and/or account sharing. This figure includes 70 videos from week 3 and 140 videos from week 4.

    Far fewer videos of Forward Assault have been struck recently, but the main targets of these strikes are the latest APK for the 1.1020 update. Additionally, Forward Assault aims to further improve its anti-cheat system in future updates.

    Thank you for tuning in today!

    In other news...

    Destined 2 Rise (D2R), the most renowned clan in the competitive Forward Assault community, has won the first Mobile eSports tournament for Forward Assault!

    If you missed the Forward Assault Summer Cup’s finals, you can watch it down below:

    The MP9 is getting nerfed! Video footage of the nerfed MP9 here:

    GeneralAlex unveils two new Forward Assault skins for the Hatchet: Lexus and Retro!

    ~Blayze Games
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KirbyZapYoYo, Aug 21, 2018.

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