Bullet Force 1.46 Update Released + Galaxy Raiders Planets Update

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    Soldiers of Blayze Games,

    Bullet Force has released its 1.46 update. The 1.46 update emphasized weapon balance issues and patched more old bugs. Here are the changes:

    - Added Tec-9
    - Nerfed Shorty SG - magazine capacity of 4 by default and 6 with Extended perk and significantly reduce range
    - Nerfed L85 - range and hipfire accuracy have been reduced
    - Nerfed AUG - range has been reduced. Rate of fire reduced to 740RPM.
    - Disabled spawn protection when respawning
    - Changed map spawn points
    - Fixed perks randomly not working or inherited from other classes
    - Fixed a bug in which the same join message would repeat if a player joined a match

    Blayze Games wants players’ voices heard about any additional issues and any suggestions to improve Bullet Force.

    Galaxy Raiders - Planets


    Galaxy Raiders’ developer Joshua Wilde has once again found time to develop upcoming outer-space MMO Galaxy Raiders after the start of the school year. Exploring planets’ surfaces has been confirmed for the next major update. The Galaxy Raiders Twitter account has posted multiple video previews of what is to be expected in the next update. The preview videos demonstrate fortification building, digging planets, and using grenades to dig deep, square-shaped holes.

    Digging planet terrain: https://twitter.com/GRaidersMMO/status/1040738443947520000

    Constructing new terrain: https://twitter.com/GRaidersMMO/status/1040834691157254150
    Building fortifications: https://twitter.com/GRaidersMMO/status/1041018039116881920
    Grenades: https://twitter.com/GRaidersMMO/status/1041075752001662976

    You will be able to mine the planets to earn credits.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KirbyZapYoYo, Sep 17, 2018.

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