Bullet Force - New Details on May 2018 Update

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By KirbyZapYoYo on May 5, 2018 at 1:25 AM
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    Bullet Force - New Details on the May 2018 Update and Future Plans

    Warriors of Bullet Force,

    Here is a word from project manager HiT and the official Bullet Force Twitter account to address complaints about Bullet Force in its current state, with one of the most prominent being the lack of incentives to play beyond reaching level 100. In future updates, more features will be added to instill lasting interest in the game, increasing player retention. The first step to accomplishing these goals is making the game more competitive by adding rounds to hardcore mode and a first-person spectator mode, similar to Blayze Games’ other title, Forward Assault.

    Also, content creator manager and lead moderator YouDoneSon has made a commentary on the next Bullet Force update. See this video for more details especially on the upcoming Barret M82A1 (called BRT HS1 in-game) anti-material sniper rifle:

    Video for Spanish speakers. We do not officially sponsor this channel nor claim that information from YouDoneSon’s video is included in this:

    Japanese commentary on the M82 by Nanami/Nick:


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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KirbyZapYoYo, May 5, 2018.

    1. DanGibBro
      It is mentioned in the video by YouDoneSon that the Barrett (POSSIBILY) will be a rifle scope only weapon (3:36).

      I'm really starting to doubt whether I will buy this weapon or not. The stability is very low, the rate of fire is surprisingly low as well, the scope takes half of your screen, giving you limited visibility, and I bet the speed at which you strafe when scoping in will be very low (it is a heavy weapon).

      Damnit, I wanna try the Barrett but I personally don't think it's worth it now.
    2. BlazingInferno
      I think the Barrett will still be a cool weapon. It is a one shot semi auto sniper. I don't think stability will be a problem due to low rpm and high damage will make up for low rpm
      Brilliantly typed article.

      I really wanted to try it with iron sights. I’ll still get it even if there isn’t an option though.
    4. BLUEflex
      Let’s hope this year, they also prepared for improving the Clan System as well as adding Friends List and Leaderboards. ;)
    5. SkinlessTurkey
      They could improve this topic by making it 2018.;)
      Good pickup. It's been corrected. Nice spotting!
    7. _Borisa
      HiT was against creating the Bullet force ranked, maybe he has changed, but a lot of people dislike HiT being the lead manager for competitive. The person who understands competitive is youdoneson who streams tournaments, unless HiT wants to do that than I am fine with that.
    8. _Borisa
      M200 is more prominent, when the barret is added to tournaments, people will still be using the m200.

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