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    EXTINCT1ON Goodbye, Bullet Force

    The Desert Eagle has had its stats pretty much untouched since it was first added to the game. Buying the Eagle would be a safe bet for the long term, but if getting an extra loadout is something you really need then by all means go and unlock it.
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    My first ever question, is...

    Deagle OR The Hand ​

    I was thinking of buying a Deagle in the first place, but it changes because i could get more ammo in the hand magazines and reservation ammo. ( Mag. Of 20/200)​
    But then, i know that Deagle has'nt untouched by a nerf since its first appearence.
    Finally, i can't even determines what to choose since "THE HAND" or "HANDGUN" because did'nt have any statistic bars that helps me to choose what to buy. Both are same priced (1000 GOLD).
    I know its not that important because i bought it with gold from advertisement, but you know? 20 days is hella long. More than a half of month.

    WANTED : New replies from experts.

    I was hoping my english is understandable, because i'm just a teenager who don't use english as mothertongue​

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  3. GamerOnAir

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    TL-DR, QUESTION : Should i bought the Deagle or The Hand? (Maybe a G18?) :p
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    @GamerOnAir Well the Deagle has good stats. But better save up the 1k. You never know what weapons will be new ^^
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  5. GamerOnAir

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    Imma get my precious gold nugget for NEW GUNS :rolleyes:

    EXTINCT1ON Goodbye, Bullet Force

    How to eliminate skilled shotgunners

    Above: A common sight on Office and the topic of this post - shotguns.
    This is a quick tutorial on how to fight against skilled shotgunners. Shotgunners are different to deal with than other players since they develop tactics and have strengths and weaknesses which are different to their non-shotgun wielding brethren.

    What is a shotgunner?

    A shotgunner is a player that primarily uses a shotgun to fight enemies. The shotguns of Bullet Force are the 870 MCS, SAIGA-12K, Shorty SG and the M320 DART. In the case of the first three, they can only be used in very close range. Only the M320 DART can deal significant damage at medium-long range, however it is difficult to aim.

    Where can I find shotgunners?

    Shotgunners can be found on any map, but are more common on close-quarters maps such as Office, Woods or Prison.

    So how do I actually fight against skilled shotgunners?

    Number one piece of advice: Stay as far away from them as you can. Attempt to eliminate them from a distance, where they can't deal significant damage to you.

    Some general tips and tricks:
    1. If you want to remain hidden from shotgunners, equip the Undetectable perk as soon as it is unlocked.
    2. Don't use a shotgun to fight shotgunners. Unless you are better than your opponent, fighting shotguns with shotguns is very much like an unpredictable jousting competition, where the battle can very easier go either way.
    3. Use flashbang grenades to incapacitate enemies before storming into shotgun-infested corridors and alleyways.
    4. Wear a pair of headphones and equip the Distinguisher perk to hear them running before you enter a room.
    5. Navigate far away from walls and sharp corners where they can hide.
    6. Use the Counter-UAV killstreak as frequently as possible. Shotgunners mainly use the minimap to locate ideal targets and by taking out their primary tool it will significantly disadvantage them and you'll gain the upper hand.
    7. Use the Super Strafe perk whenever you are shooting at a charging shotgunner. Shotguns do the most damage when the entire reticle is aimed onto your torso, so jumping and weaving and strafing will give your enemy a harder time. However, you are not invincible. Use this strategy as a last resort if you aren't near any cover.
    8. As a team, do not huddle close together unless you want the enemy shotgunner to get a multi-kill.
    9. Be aware that you can still be wounded or killed at medium or even long range by shotgunners - you aren't immune at any range, although the damage inflicted will be far less severe.
    Many of the above tips can be used for any enemies - not just shotgunners.
    What is the best shotgun to use?

    There isn't a single best gun in the game and each weapon has its own unique set of advantages and drawbacks. I highly recommend that you experiment with different shotguns to find out for yourself which gun is best suited for you and your playstyle.
    Is there any advice I can take from this if I am a shotgunner?

    Yes, there is. Mix up your flanking routes to surprise your victims. Learn your shotgun's rhythm and practice synchronizing it so that you'll be on aim after you finish pumping in time for the next shot. Equip a high-damage backup weapon suited for longer ranges in case you need to shoot at enemies out of range of your shotgun. Keep moving to get the drop on your foes. If you choose to camp, relocate frequently so enemy players can't surprise you.​
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    Er how should I use the flashbang? I try throwing it around the corner but when I peek everyones gone ._.
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  8. GamerOnAir

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    Is AK-5C worth it? Because when i use it, its just like shooting with SCAR, with better stats??
  9. L0N3W0LF2009

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    Well it depends on the situation.
    If you are more up for lucky headshots I would recommend you the AK 47. However it has a strong recoil and you can't equip a muzzle break or supressor.
    The AK 5C has a better stability and is a bit more accurate (same in hip firing)
    But it has lower damage. The choice is up to you ^
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    EXTINCT1ON Goodbye, Bullet Force

    If you're good with burst firing, then the AK-5C is the gun for you. Full-auto spraying with the AK-5C is very ineffective at medium to long range, so stick to close quarters for maximum damage if you can't burst fire. Your bullets need to count, since the gun is slow to reload. If you're great with the AK-47 or SCAR-H, then you'll probably be great with the AK-5C as well.
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  11. Brendan Clark

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    thanks for this post i realy like it.
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  12. GamerOnAir

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    Good share thanks.
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    EXTINCT1ON Goodbye, Bullet Force

    Hiding in Bushes 101: How to Keep Yourself Hidden.

    Many maps in Bullet Force have decorative bushes scattered across the playing area. These bushes can be exploited to conceal yourself from danger and give the enemies a surprise. In this guide, you'll find the best hiding locations on Office and Park and learn simple tips and tricks to keep yourself alive, even against the toughest and most aware opponents.




    Office is an indoor map with plenty of long corridors, cover, and walls that can be shot through with powerful enough guns. Across all corners of the map you'll find raised planter beds filled with shrubs dense enough to hide an entire body. Here are my top four best hiding spots on Office.

    Spot 1. Central Long Wall Planter

    Across one side of large central cubicle room in Office there is a long row of raised planters filled with bushes. Some of these bushes are large enough to completely conceal you, but be aware that not all of the bushes can fully hide you.
    From this hiding spot, you are partially hidden to enemies approaching to your left and your right, and you have a large clear space in front of you to shoot unsuspecting enemies in the back.

    Spot 2. Eating Area Corner Planter

    This spot is a really, really good hiding spot to shoot at enemies emerging from the spawn point. Since you are in a corner, you are protected by walls to your left and back, while fully concealed by shrubs to your right. You have a clear view of the eating area in front of you.
    From this one hiding spot, you have a large advantage over your enemies.

    Spot 3. Central Short Wall Planter

    Located on the opposite side of the large central room to #1, this smaller, less concealing spot might give your enemies a surprise if you manage to take them out quickly.
    This is a fairly bare hiding spot, incapable of fully concealing you. However, it is a spot that some players will not expect anyone to be hiding in, giving you a slight advantage if they don't know you are there.

    Spot 4. Desk Room Corner Planter

    My personal favourite hiding spot, this planter is filled with small boulders and thick greenery, capable of fully concealing even the most visible players.
    You have protection behind you and to your right, with a wide field of view in front and to the left of you. From this hiding spot, you can be sure to pick off some running unaware foes.



    Expectedly, real parks have plenty of flora. In the case of Bullet Force's virtual Park, that is also the case. However, some of the bushes that you can hide in are located in awkward positions that do not offer ideal protection is some circumstances. Here are my three favourite spots to hide in on Park.

    Spot 1. Tall Shrub and Boulder
    A spot completely obscured by a large boulder to your back, crouching behind this shrub will make you very hard to find from even short distances away.
    You will not have the best visibility from this spot, but you are well-hidden from every angle.

    2. Parking Lot Small Garden

    Another very sneaky hiding spot. From here, you have a great view of most of the carpark and the walking track leading up from the enemy spawn point.
    Your soldier's default body camouflage blends in almost perfectly to the shrubbery behind you. As long as you try and stay as still as possible, your enemies might not even see you.

    3. Out of Bounds Tall Shrub

    This is by far the most awkward hiding spot to access, and is sure to make your enemies rage! If you're feeling cheesy, you can hop over the short fence and make your way up the foothill and stand behind the bush. You have no worry of being shot from the left or from behind while hiding here, since you are standing out of bounds on the edge of the map. The only way that enemies can see you from here is from directly in front of you, but you will have the massive advantage of seeing them first.
    To see how to get to this spot, watch the below gifs from first and third-person perspectives.

    First-person perspective

    Third-person perspective.

    Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy to pull off. Fear not, according to the rules of Bullet Force, glitching out of bounds on Park is permitted. Park is the only map where you are allowed to go out of the designated playing area. Beware that going out of bounds on any map other than Park will get you banned for 72 hours, and If you're temp-banned three times, it becomes a permanent ban!


    Some Extra Tips & Tricks:

    • If you stick around in the same spot for too long, your previous victims will come back for revenge and shoot you before you'll get a chance to retaliate. I recommend not hiding for the majority of the round, and do it when you're either running low on ammo or needing to regenerate health.
    • Make sure that you remain as still as possible while hiding. From the enemy's perspective, whenever you turn, your character's model will quickly get up and immediately squat back down to a crouch. Because of this, only adjust your aim immediately before you start firing at the enemy.
    • Purchase and equip a suppressor to reduce your gun's muzzle flash.
    • Unequip your lasers! Lasers are a surefire way of letting your enemies know exactly where you are.
    Thanks for checking out my guide. If this guide has or has not helped you in any way, feel free to comment below with some of your heartfelt feedback.

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    EXTINCT1ON Goodbye, Bullet Force

    This thread has just received a well-needed makeover. You can now travel directly to any guide on the thread with the click of a button on its brand new Table of Contents, located on the first page.
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  16. Trooper01

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    Thank you EXTINCTION, but the question from my point of view still stands? Do these apply to PC as well. For example I see a lot of info written in 2017/2018 before the newer PC-version and I am not sure what has been outdated. For example some perks still don´t work. For example enhanced (increased speed).
  17. Gamingbro

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    How to properly practice and how to get better overall

    So many people are asking how to get better at Bullet Force? Well there is a method I have found to properly practice on things you want to. So first off, choose any tips & tricks you wanna practice on from this thread (recommend 1-3 tips or tricks to practice on). I am currently practicing on mastering strafing and getting better concentration in the game. To master doing this method you have to work on 1 tip or trick u chose. For example I’ll practice on doing strafing on Monday, and on Tuesday I’ll practice on getting better concentration. After 4 weeks - 1 month, you will truly master what you’ve been longing for. I hope this method will help you out and thanks to @EXTINCT1ON for making this thread to help out new and old players. See you on the battlefield, “old” friend.
  18. Gamingbro

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    The Art Of Strafing
    Strafing is a movement that pro players use in order to decrease their chances of dying. If u watch BnatesGamer, you know he does this in every single game and video he does.

    How do I strafe?
    To do a strafe, equip the Super Strafe perk and go to practice mode (u can go to multiplayer if u wanna wreck some noobs while learning how to strafe). Once your in the match, find an enemy and start moving left to right. You want keep on doing this everytime you encounter an enemy, and like I said it decreases your chances of dying.

    When should I strafe?
    You should strafe every time you ADS, but when it’s a long range map (outpost or city) or filled with snipers, I recommend stopping and burst firing with your weapon. But if you do choose to strafe on a long range map, try your best to keep your scope on the enemy (PRACTICE THIS!!). If you’re in a close range situation, try to keep your crosshairs on the enemy while you are strafing.

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