Coolmark Joins Blayze Games, Second Preview of Dam Map

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    Coolmark Joins Blayze Games, thanks the community and game for career opportunities

    Soldiers of Blayze Games,

    Blayze Games has announced the employment of a new developer at Blayze Games: Coolmark. Coolmark was a former player of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and Modern Combat 5: Blackout, who found Bullet Force during its 2016 open beta test. His past videos have contributed significantly to the growth of his YouTube channel and the game. Coolmark is now Blayze Games' community relations specialist. His job is to gather feedback from the game's playerbase by holding community livestreams every Friday and Sunday in addition to special events. Livestreams are currently planned to be held twice a week on Friday, 6:00PM PST and Sunday, 12:00PM PST.

    Second Preview of Dam Map

    A more-developed version of the Dam map. Source:
    Blayze Games' CEO Clint Wilde has Tweeted out a new preview of the Dam map, showcasing the terrain, a vantage point, and the dam on the top right.

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KirbyZapYoYo, Oct 17, 2018.

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