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Discussion in 'Introductory Forum' started by Anarky777, Sep 26, 2017.

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    Rules here are pretty simple
    Do not ask to nerf the almighty shruiken, otherwise you will be smote with shruikens raining from the sky.
    Try to request weapons other than assault rifles and smgs, new weapons in this category will end up costing gold(besides they mostly feel the same).
    Above all else fear the moderator. I heard that the mod can throw a banhammer further than a football stadium. I also heard the mod can ban thousands of players with a single tap. The mod is capable of summoning shruikens from his fingers and if we all obey the mod and offer him up our money than we will reap in gold and premium weapons
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    EXTINCT1ON Goodbye, Bullet Force

    Thank you for this thread. The introductory section on the forums were completely empty and now have something to go in it.

    For any guests reading this, feel free to make an account with the forums, because we will certainly be able to answer any one of your questions relating to Bullet Force or Forward Assault. The forums are a place for all creative people willing to help out everyone's questions and ideas. Sign up today, you won't regret it, and it is free.
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    Thanks for sharing this info.

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