EPIC Bullet Force matches/results/moments

Discussion in 'General' started by KirbyZapYoYo, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. KirbyZapYoYo

    KirbyZapYoYo Administrator Staff Member

    Post your best/funniest/clutch match results and moments in screenshots or video form for Bullet Force and Forward Assault!

    Here's my 13th nuke with Vector.


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  2. FabulousMrToad

    FabulousMrToad Inquisitor Bufo Bufo Staff Member

    Well they're epic to me.. :D

    The game recently where something clicked, and my AK47 suddenly stopped shooting holes in the scenery and started killing other players. Been epic ever since.


    And a game last night where I managed to not only go up against a MOD and survive with a positive KD, but also managed to kill him once. (Probably by accident)


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  3. LeoValdez21

    LeoValdez21 Active Member

    They didn't have any better ranked players, lol. And the guy way down on your team, even after being a rank 100, lost pretty bad :p
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  4. LeoValdez21

    LeoValdez21 Active Member

  5. LeoValdez21

    LeoValdez21 Active Member

    Just hanging out with enemies :p:D
    IMG_20170430_234116.jpg IMG_20170430_235851.jpg

    My first ever victory in FFA with a 2 K-D :D
    What the heck was that? :eek:

    This dude killed me and his ally was immediately blown too... lol :p

    The one time I got 17 killstreak while camping on the roof in Village :p
    Another time I was camping in a house in Village and got a 20 killstreak (19 in pic) in GUN GAME :eek::eek::D

    One time I was taking a screenshot of the score before leaving the match and Mom called :p

    This gun is hanging in the air by the support of Lucas only knows what o_O

    My username and KD, lol :p

    I know in these pictures it shows 1280 grenades, but actually you could only throw 4 and it was a mod apk I used to have fun for some time. That was it, 4 throwables and nothing else.
    I'm back to the official app now, please don't ban me :p
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  6. LeoValdez21

    LeoValdez21 Active Member

    The time I rekt people with my new account, lol :p:D:eek:
    Screenshot_2017-04-16-02-43-14-661_com.blayzegames.iosfps.png Screenshot_2017-04-16-16-11-40-924_com.blayzegames.iosfps.png Screenshot_2017-04-29-19-55-11-186_com.blayzegames.iosfps.png

    Almost everyone on their team was a noob, lol :p, but they did well anyway :D
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  7. FabulousMrToad

    FabulousMrToad Inquisitor Bufo Bufo Staff Member


    When there's three of you, knocking each other back for the final kill on gungame..

    Best of 33? Yeah right. :confused:
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  8. LeoValdez21

    LeoValdez21 Active Member

    This. LOL :p:D
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  9. KirbyZapYoYo

    KirbyZapYoYo Administrator Staff Member

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  10. Onefortheages

    Onefortheages Active Member

    Check out my YT! TheKasualGamer

    Also, great post goldmaster!

    IMG_0428.PNG IMG_0414.PNG IMG_0324.jpg
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  11. Zavaczki

    Zavaczki New Member

    I hate that almost in every matches I play, there is somebody who thinks I use hacks...
    These players are my favourite
    Anyway, this is one of my best results, hope you appreciate it

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  12. LeoValdez21

    LeoValdez21 Active Member

    Whoa! :eek:
    I guess with your ping and rank, that's possible :p:D
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  13. MaadDog

    MaadDog New Member

    All gun game stuff but went through all 32 guns while only dying twice (and not camping at all either)


    and then in these two, got to 31, then knifed 68 times before anyone got close to the last gun, and then ended it with the final kill to end up with an even 100.


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  14. Zavaczki

    Zavaczki New Member

    Woah, that's hilarious!
  15. Imperator

    Imperator New Member

    Hi. Here are my best results from today, not the most spectacular here, but I'll keep going... peace 20170501_231930.png 20170501_231956.png
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  16. MaadDog

    MaadDog New Member

    Yeah haha, that was an interesting game
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  17. Lionelklose

    Lionelklose Member

    Nuked in a gun game

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  18. Vokun

    Vokun New Member

    image.png M4A1 with supressor =Pretty weak but OP xD
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  19. xKuro

    xKuro Active Member


    I don't think I need to explain anything here lol.
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  20. KirbyZapYoYo

    KirbyZapYoYo Administrator Staff Member

    Sniped today in a private lobby with other decent players with slow-mo and fast forward.

    IMG_2078.jpg IMG_2079.jpg

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