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Discussion in 'Heretic Reports' started by Aznkillermage, May 11, 2019.

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    i recently compiled a list of every name of every user/bot spam posting/advertising on the forums... enjoy ;)

    P.S. this only for the general topic. I will scan through every topic and add more as time goes on

    Aphie xuxop

    Bagith yehi

    Adgf gyte

    Yads bgdf

    Grack Hitok

    Adgc Hdut

    Jsac sat

    Wert afgt

    Anden bipev

    Marge hupen

    Wkzc sat

    Sonk jexor

    Marilii sonson

    Brout jejen

    Appe xeyah

    Xuvb sat

    Ziya masi

    Gout arew

    Capt namoh

    Dmqb sat

    Rfto wdfo

    Leah norelli

    Wfdf rcgo

    Lucia dickey

    Xcqb sat

    Jaab or

    Qyua net

    Christine hesb



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