BANNED Glitch in outpost map???

Discussion in 'Heretic Reports' started by JERryP, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. JERryP

    JERryP New Member

    During a game in the Outpost I got shot several times by a player on the other side of the big green tank behind the bunker, then I got shot through the hummer, a minute later, I shot a guy who walked straight through the small sandbag area off to the side, he never jumped, stopped, he just ran straight through it.
    I had turned on the sreen recording by that time, because I kept getting killed through objects that the bullets should not pass through, and the little how you got killed kept showing players inside of objects, instead of on the other side.
    Are there glitches since the new update?
  2. SupermanXDS

    SupermanXDS Member

    It looks like you faced a hacker who can shoot through wall. Do you have the recorded video?
  3. JERryP

    JERryP New Member

    Yes, but can’t seem to post it, did convert it to a GIF D1C719D6-5C49-445A-B862-40C514C4B155.gif D1C719D6-5C49-445A-B862-40C514C4B155.gif
  4. JERryP

    JERryP New Member

    This is very disheartening, to try to play a game, and getting your ass kicked, by some player that you just shot 4-6 times with a 50 cal, or get killed by some dude that can shoot through, see through, walk through objects. I literally got shot by a Hummer, and a brick wall.
    Luckily, it has only happened a few times
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  5. SupermanXDS

    SupermanXDS Member

    A perfect gif! It looks like the hacker can not only shoot through wall but can also pass through wall as well.
    Username of hacker : Nicoqac10

    Wait for the moderators/admin to ban them.
    You can also use the voting system to kick them in-game.

    You can upload your recorded video to YouTube or google drive and then you can post links here.
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  6. FabulousMrToad

    FabulousMrToad Inquisitor Bufo Bufo Staff Member

    Banned. Thanks for reporting.

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