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  1. Wolfman74

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    I dont have any video/screenshots to support this, however, im 100% sure if you look into it, you WILL SEE that this clown "YurMADDD" is a hacker!!!! He runs around impervious to lead...wiping-out the entire board with endless 1-shot kills, with a friggin' M4A05-SNIPER RIFLE!?!?! IVE REPORTED THIS CHUMP IN THE PAST YET NOTHINGS BEEN DONE?? SERIOUSLY NOW GUYS..CMON..BAN THIS P$%&Y ALREADY WILL YA? THATD BE GREAT.THANKS.
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  2. hedgehog10101

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    try to invite him to a 1v1, and get evidence there
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  3. Wolfman74

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