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Discussion in 'Heretic Reports' started by KingPrevail, May 27, 2017.

  1. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    Decided to make this post to inform those who do not know all the types of different hacks people perform.

    For iOS users, there is a modified iPA file of the game which grants the users to all these game ruining abilities:

    (subject to change with each update put out)
    • AimBot/Trigger Bot - [Automatically Aim At Enemies Head Online]
    • WallHack - [See Enemies Through Walls Online & Offline]
    • Perfect/True No Recoil - [Steady Aim When Shooting]
    • Pickup Weapons From Far Away - Always have a new weapon available to use
    • ESP [Puts box around enemy, shows how far they are from you]
    • Perk Hack [Player can use every perk at once]
    As for Android users, most use the GameGuardian application which most of the hacker encounters are of people using this application. (can also be on iOS as well, more common for Android)

    Some of the general hacks used are:
    • Walk Through Walls
    • Unlimited Killstreaks [Nuke will only kill the hacker, not the lobby]
    • High Jump
    • Modify Guns Ammo Type
    • Speed Hack [Persons ping will be spiking a lot compared to the other players]
    • Get Any Gun [Allows player to play with any gun in game, even if they haven't purchased it]
    • Unlimited Throwables/Ammo
    • Appear Invisible (a rare glitch may occur with the whole enemy team being invisible, which is not valid for a ban)
    • Underground Hack
    • Rapid Fire
    • Case Hack [Allows person to get every camo available within 1 case opening]
    • Credit Hack
    • Zoom Hack [Gives the person ADS range a magnified view]
    • Level Hack [Done in-game, level change will be noticeable]
    • False Accusation sniper-shotgun firing pattern
    • Blank/Hidden username
    • Perk Hack [Player can use every single perk at once]
      (Could be the cause of Blank/Hidden username)
    • Client-side item prize hack
    Update 6/14/2017: From now on, players reporting invisible hackers must prove the other players in the enemy team aside from the invisible hackers are visible
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  2. Bosby

    Bosby New Member

    Geez... Its scary how much you know about this subject.
  3. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    YouTube for the Android ones and another site where the iOS hacks originate haha!
  4. Bosby

    Bosby New Member

    I see no point in people hacking... It sometimes may be fun but after a while you get bored.:(
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  5. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    Very true. Takes away from the game and ruins the fun for others.
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  6. ModGamer007

    ModGamer007 Member

    I Think I See Those Hacks At iosgods .......o_O Couple Of Months Ago.
  7. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    That's where the iOS one is from!
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  8. InsydeH20

    InsydeH20 I still rush and hit the drive wheels

    wow i like the camo hack one...
  9. KingBird01YT

    KingBird01YT New Member

    Lol. Do you hack. How you know what they are called and description?
  10. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    Lol no. They're all over YouTube and I got some info from another site. That's how I report all the public accounts/find hackers.
  11. Do you have any info on size hackers?
    On Hacker Report section, now there are more posts about size hackers.

    All I know about Size Hackers is...
    *They are about size of normal character's boots
    *They can be killed with regular firearms, but has very small hitbox(naturally)
    *Who I met was partially underground

    A Size hacker(completely on the ground)

    A Size hacker(partially underground/"submerged")
    You can compare his size to that of other objects(such as rocks and walls) to see how small he is.
  12. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    I do believe this is the underground hack. They appear small when underground and their character always has the orange highlight around them. I haven't seen any report of a size hack on YouTube or anywhere else.
  13. If they are "that" deep, there's no way I could kill him with an MG4.
    I even saw him in micro form(and shot him).

    Please go to Hacker Report section on this forum.
  14. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    It is the underground hack. They are still killable because their heads pop-out from underground, they can't crouch, they'd fall out of the map if they do.
  15. What do you think of them?
    They are taken by other players...I want them to come here and talk about these hackers(Because I only met them on Park).
    IMG_1855.JPG IMG_1857.JPG IMG_1858.JPG

    Also, seems like Moderator is aware of this hack.

    I need at least SS of me killing them to prove it.
    I'll try to encounter them again.:)
  16. Reaper

    Reaper Member

    I've seen people having more than 100 health, though that was at least several months ago. Not sure if it wasn't a displaying bug or if that sort of hack is not possible anymore.
  17. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    I saw a video with a health hacker. Not sure if it's a thing anymore!
  18. PepeLePierre420

    PepeLePierre420 French Mod oui oui Staff Member

    Sometimes, it's a glitch. I once had a grenade go through the wall it should've bounced against, so try to get more proof when something like that happens. You can spectate, switch teams, or look at the player from far away with a scope.
  19. KirbyZapYoYo

    KirbyZapYoYo Administrator Staff Member

    This is a friendly reminder for reporting invisible hackers.

    The original post has been edited because I was told of a rare invisibility bug by another moderator. From now on, reporters must prove that the other players in the enemy team aside from invisibility hackers are visible before we can count the report as valid.
  20. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    I'll keep an eye out for that, I've only ever seen the hacker themselves be invisible, not entire enemy team.

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