How to get off the blacklist server/unbanned in BF

Discussion in 'General' started by KirbyZapYoYo, May 22, 2017.

  1. KirbyZapYoYo

    KirbyZapYoYo Administrator Staff Member

    At Blayze Games, one of our most common queries from customers is claiming their Bullet Force game account has been banned/blacklisted. If you believe that your account has been banned, please come to this thread. You can also send a private message to any of our moderators. This thread provides a general overview about why you may be in the blacklist server, and how you can get unbanned.

    You may have accessed a public account

    Many videos of public accounts in Bullet Force circulate around on YouTube. The public accounts provide an opportunity for those to take a look and camos and premium weapons that they cannot afford, but they also hurt the profits of the game, so they deserve a ban. Accessing a blacklisted public account can get you in the blacklist server. You have to reinstall Bullet Force to get off the blacklist server. For this reason, we do not recommend logging in to any public accounts.

    A moderator may have banned you

    In-game moderators have the powers to kick and ban players or restart matches. They have permission to use the /ban command in the in-game chat to blacklist you. Reinstalling the game and logging back into your banned account puts you in the blacklist server. If you have hacked the game and valid evidence was presented to the moderators showing that your guilty of a hacking offense, then you may have been banned. Lucas Wilde, the developer of Bullet Force currently does not offer any appeals for unbanning of in-game accounts (to my knowledge).

    For accounts that may have been unjustly banned

    Please post on a moderator's profile, or shoot the moderator a private message concerning your account's status. We will ask certain questions depending on what claims you make on your PM, so please be ready to answer them. If you have been found guilty of have admitted to hacking, you cannot be unbanned. If a moderator has been accused of power abuse, an investigation will be conducted on the case, and the verdict will be decided once all documented evidence from the incident has been found and reviewed.
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  2. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    Very informative post. This was definitely needed! Nice job :)
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  3. KirbyZapYoYo

    KirbyZapYoYo Administrator Staff Member

    I appreciate your input!
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  4. FabulousMrToad

    FabulousMrToad Inquisitor Bufo Bufo Staff Member

    Just a thought, but would it be useful to have a list of the in-game Mods somewhere on the forum so people know who they are?

    Also, and I know it's probably a big ask, but to the best of my knowledge the only in-game mod who's actually a member of the forums is you Goldmaster11. It would probably be good for the forum community if the others could join, even if it's just to introduce themselves in a 'we are the moderation team' type thread so the community can get to know them?

    And thanks for the super informative thread too! :)
  5. KirbyZapYoYo

    KirbyZapYoYo Administrator Staff Member

    I should be able to post another thread with the list of official Bullet Force moderators. ViperConcepts has posted the entire list of moderators on Discord that can be confirmed by nxtboyIII.

    It would be a treat to bring the moderator community here.
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  6. Lucidnjak

    Lucidnjak New Member

    Ma acc was banned for no reason and i dont know how to get it back

    Name: lucidnjak
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  7. Lucidnjak

    Lucidnjak New Member

    Can you unban me pls!
    I didnt understand that is illegal to go out of map in outpost, i thought that it is a map like this...

  8. KirbyZapYoYo

    KirbyZapYoYo Administrator Staff Member


    Moderators cannot simply unban you just because you said so. We have to understand a concept of trust. Your claims cannot be proven nor disproven without any evidence. Are we going to trust a random person who came to us and begged to be unbanned? No, you could either be telling the truth or lying, which we, as said before, cannot be proven nor disproven for now.

    Join the official Bullet Force Discord server and please send DM's tp the game moderators. If you don't have Discord, you can get it for free.
  9. Dash021

    Dash021 Active Member

    Very Helpful! This thread will help lot of players who have problem regarding their account getting blacklisted.
  10. Montyyred

    Montyyred New Member

    Hi Mods,
    I'm in the blacklist server i think.
    I have never hacked or attempted to log in to any free accounts. Only glitched a few games in Outpost by the truck.

    Please unban me :(
  11. KirbyZapYoYo

    KirbyZapYoYo Administrator Staff Member

    Did you shoot through the truck out and kill players?

    We do unban under any circumstances at this time when it's proven that you've glitcher forvan unfair advantage.
  12. Montyyred

    Montyyred New Member

    Admittedly I did but just for a few kills. was just curious and left the glitch area soon after. I did not get my k/d and playtime by glitching all these while. :( Would appreciate a second chance given.
  13. Faisalalamri60

    Faisalalamri60 New Member

    Very informative subject!!

    But i have some thing to say

    If the MODs already knows about the glitches inside all maps why no body fix it
    And cut the way in front of all cheaters??
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    EXTINCT1ON Goodbye, Bullet Force

    You're just flogging a dead horse with this post lad.
  15. Faisalalamri60

    Faisalalamri60 New Member

    Sorry my friend but I don't get it??
    What you mean??

    EXTINCT1ON Goodbye, Bullet Force

    Look at the date of the last post... this thread is over 80 days old. Some of the people that wrote in this thread aren’t even on here anymore. You just 'necroposted'. Not that big of a deal, but it is still annoying.
  17. Nelly

    Nelly Moderator Staff Member

    Very well informative forum post! i will share this among the communities im with :cool:
  18. Ashmerlen

    Ashmerlen New Member

    hi,i think im on a blacklisted server coz i played together with a lot of terrible cheaters.and eversince i played this game,i did not attempt to cheat and i really dont know how to activate this hack etc. so please i am begging u to please remove me in the blacklisted server.ive been playing this game for more than a year and a half and i deserve to be remove in this blacklisted.coz
    i only use pure skills.ive been spending my full time just to rank up in this game so please take me out of this blacklisted server.

    kind regards,
  19. TheButlerxxx

    TheButlerxxx New Member

    Hey goldmaster I got a three day ban for going in that spot in the warhouse building on woods, is it possible I could get unbanned sooner? My account name is: TheButlerxxx

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