How To Make Bullet Force GREAT AGAIN

Discussion in 'General' started by Gamingbro, May 2, 2019.

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    So, by the looks of the graph from google trends, and how many views bf youtubers get, bf is dying...Incredibly fast. There are some reasons why people left the bf community, like the hit detection bug(yup still happens, I have good ping every game but when I headshot a guy with the ak 47 it doesn’t kill him), getting shot through walls(idk why this happens me and the enemy has good ping), Ads don’t give gold, andddddd of course, it’s getting boring. Now I want the best mobile fps game to live on just like how it used to bf(early 2017 bf was the best). I have various ways that the developers can do to help make this game great again.

    1. Fix Hit Detection or get a good game server
    This is the biggest issue in the game rn. Numerous times I see people in the lobby just complaining about someone getting killed behind a wall or cover(no, no ones hacking). I was a victim of this also, I costed me my high ks, my kd, and my lack of enjoyment in this game. And not to mention when I headshot a guy with the m200 or ak 47, they don’t die. So please, HiT or any of the other developers, please fix this immediately.

    2. Different Modes
    Jeez lol...I barely see anyone play the hardcore modes or vip. It’s basically a waste of space in the join game menu rn. If you can, please bring back the weapon-allowed modes. Like the sniper and shotgun only modes, those were fun. Or...make a mode that people will actually play or enjoy.

    3. Balance old and new weapons
    Now this is not epic Blayze games. Why is every new weapon dominating the servers rn? I mostly see people spam the l85, awp, badger, and brt. And what do I have? I have an ak, vector, and the m200. Now these guns can’t compete with the newer guns(unless you know their play style and the best maps for them). And for god sake, please nerf the M320 HE and rpg or fix the shield perk. Perk doesn’t even work against explosives anymore

    4. Revamp Aftermath or remove it
    If you can the developers of bf, please revamp Aftermath or remove it. I keep on getting aftermath all the time and of all the stars aligned, I will get a good map. Jeez and probs city is better than this god-awful map. My suggestions would be to make it close range or make a new map to replace it.

    5. Listen to the community!
    Andddddd my final suggestion, just listen to the community! (P.S fix the new ad system)

    So yeah there’s all the ways Blayze games can improve Bullet Force. Hope you liked this thread and share it to the devs.

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