I will be leaving BF forever.

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    EXTINCT1ON Goodbye, Bullet Force

    I was going to announce this with a short video, but I've come to the realisation that it would be unnecessary since I've done enough for this community so far, so I might do a final artwork instead.

    I will be leaving Bullet Force. Forever.

    Big announcements like these will always leave people scratching their heads, so I'll start it off with a quick Q&A.

    Why are you leaving?
    Bullet Force has ingrained itself within my life for far too long. I've grown addicted to it, and my entire life revolves around it. I have missed out on far too many opportunities in my life because of it. I need to leave otherwise I'll be depressed for the rest of my existence.

    My ideas are falling on deaf ears. I made suggestions almost daily on the Discord server which everybody loves, but the devs never notice it.

    The developers are also ratting out playing on emulators, which is a definite breaking point for me.

    Are you ever going to come back?
    Going by my current plan, no. The goal is currently set at 2 years. By this time, I will get my life sorted and I want to forget about playing the game.

    Are you sad?
    Yes, and no. I get mood swings all of the time. I'll be happy again once I get away from this hellhole.

    When are you leaving?
    At the end of this month. March the 1st. Maybe sooner.

    Will you be ghosting?
    No, I'll be actually gone. I will not check-up at all, logged in or logged out, nor will I post.

    Will you still be on ...?
    Nope. I've already made another Reddit account, Discord, YouTube account, and more. I will go around by a different username, which I won't disclose.

    Are you suicidal?
    No, I am definitely not suicidal. I will not be harming myself in any way ever. I promise you, 100%.

    Where are you going?


    I've first come along to Bullet Force back when I was still home-schooled. Back here at this point in my life, I had a healthy balance between gaming and living. Times were different.

    I first found Bullet Force by accident. I think it was Bnatesgamer through which I saw Bullet Force for the first time. This memory is quite hazy, so it might not be completely correct, but Bnates was playing Bullet Force and uploaded the gameplay in one of his videos. I found Bnates through Modern Combat 5, which I enjoyed playing for a time.

    My very first post on this forum was a humble one, all the way back on the 16th of July, 2017: (here) I was scared shitless by an old feature on the Outpost map. Basically, it was a scare that was designed to appear for players glitching out of the map. However, there was a bug where it could come up for anyone, and keep reappearing until the game was reinstalled. I had my fair share of fun with that bug. (joking btw, it was fucking shit.)

    I soon grew to like the community at the time, dedicating hours upon hours of my week giving away ideas and helping out players. Blayze Games Forum was my very first forum that I was a member of and I had to learn every function from scratch. Soon, I was promoted to moderator by Admin and friend, @KirbyZapYoYo, who at the time was named by his old alias "goldmaster11". FabulousMrToad helped my straight away, offering to give assistance whenever I needed it. He has not forgotten his promise, and will continue to help me up until the day I leave.

    Soon, dire news came in on April the 1st. At first, I thought it was an April Fool's joke. Lucas Wilde would be leaving his role of developer to go with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). He entrusted his father Clint Wilde to take over the reins and he soon hired a new team. This was the beginning of the end for Bullet Force.

    Not so long ago YouDoneSon (former dev) was fired for a reason that I will not give out, but can probably be found on through Googling, which I do not condone doing :- |

    Getting DM’d 24/7 drove me absolutely mad; not knowing if someone just wanted to say hello or a dev informing me that I’ve “exhibited questionable behaviour recently”. Like many things that I have done along on my journey, I’ve had to learn how to be a mod from scratch, with a bit of help from other moderators, of course. I’ve had to change my attitude from being my typical honest and edgy “don’t hold back” self to a more “down to earth”, masked businessman style. I fucking hated it. Constantly keeping up my forced maturity to appease the higher ups. I didn’t like it at all. But once I left my in-game mod role last year after several months in the role, it felt like I took a huge load off of my back. I had not felt less stress in a long time.

    Some of the perks that I really liked as a moderator were the abilities to join full matches (bugger waiting) and having that big bold [MOD] tag. It made my many matches more enjoyable, not because I’m a wanker and I’m suddenly a big tough boy, but rather because I saw it as recompense for my many hundreds of hours of previous work. I did everything I’ve ever done for no reason other than because I loved the game.

    Seriously though, fuck my anxiety.



    The “MASTrHAX” guy that you sometimes see here and there isn’t a real player. He’s me. I created that account as a second personality for me to use when I want to troll. Yes, I’ve trolled. You can find MASTrHAX in my “44 Magnum Montage” on YouTube and in my profile.

    I’ve never had a real life friend named Samuel, nor did he die. Sam’s made up. The player that you see called “Sam” is actually my alt account in the background.

    I only have 2 level 100 accounts, not 5, 9 or even 17. They are “EXTINCT1ON” and “EXTINCT1ONios”. EXTINCT1ONios was my first account that I made in early 2017, and it was named EXTINCT1ON before I renamed my second account from EXTINCT1ONpc to EXTINCT1ON. I did the old switcheroo.

    I’ve never, ever gone out of bounds or cheated. I have said some mutable things before, and I’m very lucky I wasn’t snitched on for that.

    I don’t actually play any differently when I say that I’ve toggled my “Hax button” off. As I’ve stated, I don’t cheat. You just suck, so man the fuck up.

    I’m not a genie. I cannot guess your K/D or your number of nukes. I just used the mod panel tools to look you up on the online database and I read your stats out. Your astonishment and hacking accusations were in vain, friend.

    Those times when I was a mod and you begged for gold or credits were a waste of effort. Even when I am “feeling generous” and I “inject only 1 Credit into your account”, you aren’t actually getting anything. Mods can’t give gold. Only developers can. Every YouTube gold giveaway and contest has to be approved by the highest staff, since they are the ones that give out the rewards.

    Awesome people:

    Lucas Wilde, for making the game. You did everything right.

    goldmaster11/KirbyZapYoYo, for being an excellent admin and dev; a rose amongst the thorns. You will not be forgotten by me. Thank you dearly for everything you've ever given me and helped me with on my journey.

    FabulousMrToad, for being a warm and welcoming helper and moderator.

    DanGibBro, for your contributions to Bullet Force Tips & Tricks for Newbies and your positive attitude. You've definitely helping out here and there, and I'll always appreciate you for that.

    PepeLePierre420, for being an edgy Frenchman. Your knowledge on history is impeccable and is very respectable. You truly deserved your forum mod. Thanks for your constant feedback on my many ideas over the months and I hope to see you on the virtual frontlines again. One day.

    Feitz, for being a fantastic content creator and idol to me.

    XLGNDX/KingPrevail, it’s been a very long time since we've chatted, but you'll always have my respect for what you've done on these forums. We had convinced many that my pretend KSG 12 and Hotel update was legit and you played along really well. May we meet each other again someday.

    Borisa. I always knew that you weren’t actually Soviet Russian. I went through a Russia phase as well. There’s nothing wrong with liking new things. Keep enjoying your wakeboarding, if you still do it. BTW, I like your woofer. It’s cute.

    iS0L0, for having a laugh with me every now and then. You're a good moderator.

    KINNA-Z, you're a solid bloke. We've had our good times.

    DaNiEL14GaMeR, for being a long-time cereal crack up. Your general bullshittery and those lies you told Instagram about the French update made me smile with a major cringe and your memes kept the chat spicy for ages. Get those rams and my memes you stole from me out of your gallery for good please.

    The Swift Dodo, you're a great player. You never ceased to make me smile when you DM'd me "G'day" non-stop for over a month without ever getting a reply back from me. G'day.

    JeffHamsley, for keeping things hushed when the world seemed to burn around us. I liked the sneaky stuff we did. Never trust cowboys.

    IndianArmy, I spent hours making you a custom PFP and server emoji. Why'd you change it so quick? It doesn't matter in the end though, you're alright.

    Troy Irving. Your weapon animating work is fantastic.

    GAME BOY 4, for posting all of those images in the chat for me without a problem.

    XENO/XENOBLAZE (you've changed your name many times), for being a great dude.

    Shayan123, you've been around for a very long time and your dedication for being one of the best mods in the community is incredible.

    CJ on Discord, for your incredible edits. We never chatted, but your work deserves more recognition.

    Special mentions:





    Zqturn (pronounced Saturn)




    ...and many, many more that I've sadly forgotten about.

    A huge thank you to everyone that I’ve met along the way.

    My last artwork. "Oppression". There is lots of hidden symbolism. I didn't watermark it since it's the community's now. Farewell.
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  2. wellthatsawkward

    wellthatsawkward New Member

    It’s so sad to see you go. Best wishes for the rest of your life. Good luck EXTINCT1ON. farewell.
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  3. xKuro

    xKuro Active Member

    The game could’ve been something great, it was going to be, but Lucas left and that is exactly what killed it.

    I’m not going to get into all of it because I really don’t get involved with this community at all anymore but referrring to all of that drama that happened early last year. That’s because we truly cared about the progression of the game and experience for players. I couldn’t care less that I got every account associated with me banned even though I’d spent huge amounts of money on the game, I was fighting to keep this game fun, fair and alive for the people who actually enjoyed it and this was the goal shared by the people who fought with me.

    We were volunteers and we received no payment for our job. We weren’t biased and we believed in creating fun, balanced gameplay for everyone who played. They are getting paid and in all honestly, they have been paid to ruined the game forever.

    That’s all I need to say.
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  4. FabulousMrToad

    FabulousMrToad Inquisitor Bufo Bufo Staff Member

    Not gonna lie my friend, you'll be missed. Both as a keen BF enthusiast, and as an all-round good and funny guy.

    Completely understand why you are leaving though. A good BF/life balance is a tricky thing to achieve, and it's something most staff struggle with at some point, including myself. And when it comes down to it, life should rightly take first place every time.

    Thank you for all your hard work as a community member, a discord mod, a game mod and most particularly as the most stalwart forum mod we've ever had. And don't ever stop being you mate.

    Catch you in two years time for a cold one. ;)
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    EXTINCT1ON Goodbye, Bullet Force

    Farewell guys. It's been an honour.
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  6. KirbyZapYoYo

    KirbyZapYoYo Administrator Staff Member

    I shall send a formal farewell over the next few days. It would be customary to return the favor for your contributions one last time.
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  7. KirbyZapYoYo

    KirbyZapYoYo Administrator Staff Member

    February 28, 2018

    Blayze Games deeply regrets to inform that forum moderator EXTINCT1ON is retiring from his service after serving with us for a year and a half.

    EXTINCT1ON has been a gem among many members in the Blayze Games forum and community. He has displayed the most interesting background that a Bullet Force player has demonstrated, by being driven to this forum with the jumpscare bug. Never before have we viewed this bug as a miracle-maker that would change his Bullet Force career forever. He has made many comments, particularly his well and deep-versed knowledge on guns and history. My favorite suggestion is an explosive used in the United States during the mid-19th century. Other honorable mentions include his push for a French-themed update, in which he went beyond the call of duty to provide visualizations of his suggestions by exemplary graphic design and construction of 3D models.

    In my absence, he has voluntarily watched over the forum and continued to inform players of the latest updates to Bullet Force, doing what he could to keep the forum at the same level of communication as the official Discord server.

    EXTINCT1ON will be dearly missed by the mods and developers of Blayze Games. His contributions to the forums is a testament to his undying service and dedication to Blayze Games. He has finally decided to leave in favor of his mental health, an honorable decision in service to the community.

    The remainder of the active forum moderators and administrators will carry the torch going forward.

    From our hearts,

    Forum Administrator

    Blayze Games
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  8. etyloriX

    etyloriX New Member

    bye man, its sad to see you go... ):
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  9. Hartukil

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    GL :)
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