[KILL] Recruiting

Discussion in 'Clans/Teams' started by NoPerfect, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. NoPerfect

    NoPerfect New Member

    Hello There!
    It's me NoPerfect today i opening recrutation to my clan [KILL]!


    Minimum Rank: Silver II
    Many free time.
    Ability to work in a group.

    Waiting for applications!
  2. Uglynoah

    Uglynoah New Member

    How do I join/ and or create clans in this game?
  3. I can go. In game name Shpee & Co
  4. Noveritsch

    Noveritsch New Member

    you do realize all we gotta do is type [KILL] into the nametag bar, and when it turns gold, we are godo to go right?
  5. no089

    no089 New Member

    Hi, Can I ask how to apply?

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