More Star & Planet Variety for GRs

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    More Star and Planet Variety for GR-MMO


    Right now, all of the stars in Galaxy Raiders MMO are yellow dwarfs. It would be nice if there is some variety in the size, colour and types of stars and planets in the game.


    As you can clearly see, there is no variety in the stars in Galaxy Raiders MMO. They're all yellow dwarfs.


    The planets also have no variety in their appearance, which can clearly be seen above. Every planet is a small, terrestrial Venus-resembling planet without an atmosphere.

    I feel that planets in Galaxy Raiders MMO can be made far more interesting. Take the following real life examples for instance:


    (Earth shown for scale)

    The above 5 exoplanets are artist's depictions of potentially habitable extrasolar planets that have been discovered recently. They're all named "Kepler" after the spacecraft that discovered them and each belongs to a different system. If they were in Galaxy Raiders, faction ownership over the planets would be something actually worth fighting for.


    Stars that orbit other stars are actually very common in the universe. Sometimes, three, four, or even five stars can orbit around each other.

    Multiple star systems would be pretty awesome in Galaxy Raiders - especially if you could watch them slowly orbiting around each other.

    I have found a binary star system in Galaxy Raiders, however they don't orbit each other and neither have any planets.

    Above: Sped-up footage of a binary star system orbiting around each other.
    The animation consists of 55 images taken over the course of 2.87 days.

    In conclusion, I believe that new planet and star models would greatly improve Galaxy Raiders MMO.

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