BANNED Multiple heretics.

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    Username : ZILONGX
    Type of Hack : No clip (walking through wall)
    Proof : Video

    Username : KGWSTMD
    Type of Hack : No reload
    Proof : Video

    Username : DONZZZZZZZ
    Type of Hack : Auto aim with one hit kill
    Proof : Video
    My comment : The playback speed of this video is slowed down so as to clearly show the hack used.

    Username : QAQABCD
    Type of Hack : No reload
    Proof : Video

    Username : SpecialForces789
    Type of Hack : Invisibility glitch hack with super jump.
    Proof : Video


    Minor Violations

    Username : Hajiang
    Violation : Clan name against rule.
    Proof : Screenshot

    Username : MIWAA(523035422)
    Violation : Abusing voting system.
    Proof : Screenshot
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    All reports taken care of. Thank you.
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