Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team cheats: unlock all Dungeons, change starter Pokemons

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    BEWARE: i activated the dungeon cheat and continued playing the storyline. Now, a lot of the dungeons of the missions are dungeons that are available to me because of the cheat. Goddamn. For some you need to be like, I guess, level 40

    MORE!: the dungeon cheat can(?) make it impossible to proceed in the storyline. I'm stuck at Mt. Steel. The pokemon is not at the last floor, neither the pokemon I am supposed to defeat. !?!?!?@?!?!!?!#,#(#@(?!?!?@ Can in (), because maybe disabling the cheat reverses the gain of the dungeons and fixes the storyline!? Maybe i try it later

    Use the cheats at your own risk

    One or more of the cheats may only work with the US version

    The cheats

    Change your Pokemon and your partner Pokemon

    For the following two cheats you don’t need a Master Code

    Change your Pokemon: 8203826A ????

    Change your partner Pokemon: 82038206 ???

    Out of the following list choose a Pokemon. Replace the 4 question marks in the cheat code with the 4 characters behind the Pokemons name. https://pastebin.com/uHjrTzTJ

    Unlock all Dungeons

    For this cheat you need a Master Code

    Master Code:

    B3B876F2 41A2D798
    F9FBC182 029E63E3

    Unlock all Dungeons:

    28639DB0 B1795875
    1E23180C 6FA81022

    How to use the cheats

    From my experience, you need to have played the story at least till after the point where your partner Pokemon is showing you the city. Otherwise my game always crashed. I also never played the story further, so I don’t know if it would have crashed later in the story.

    How you use cheats varies from emulator to emulator. I’m gonna be explaining it with the MyBoy! for Android as an example.

    The Pokemon cheats: go into a Dungeon. Add your cheat in the Cheats section of the menu. Then go to the Settings section of the menu and proceed to Misc. There, disable and then enable cheats. Then leave the Settings and go up one floor in the Dungeon. The cheat should be working

    The Dungeon cheat: do the same as with the Pokemon cheats except the Dungeon part
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