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Discussion in 'Heretic Reports' started by EXTINCT1ON, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Skillz9oh1

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    Will do!
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    EXTINCT1ON Goodbye, Bullet Force

  3. _Borisa

    _Borisa Clan USSR

    Ive heard that if you post an offensive tag, you get banned. Is this true?
  4. _Borisa

    _Borisa Clan USSR

    Rip stats lol
  5. ALEXsawSOMEvids 24

    ALEXsawSOMEvids 24 Aspiring Mod

    Found someone named, SLEEPBITCH he is a level 80.
  6. kwibis

    kwibis New Member


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  7. KirbyZapYoYo

    KirbyZapYoYo Administrator Staff Member

    SLEEPBITCH has been banned. Thanks for the report!

    Pussiboi has been banned. Thanks for the report!
  8. kwibis

    kwibis New Member

    Guy was repeatedly saying F Muslims

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  9. FabulousMrToad

    FabulousMrToad Inquisitor Bufo Bufo Staff Member

    Spacemarcoon has been muted. Thanks for the report.
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  10. Biismala

    Biismala Member

    AAA009A8-C8AF-4D18-A30F-3ADC4791AAB7.png 8BF4E217-7E86-4676-9E2D-E4FA4D7EE2AF.png This guy use a offensive username and use offensive language, in english (ELFOLLADOR) means the fucker.
  11. KirbyZapYoYo

    KirbyZapYoYo Administrator Staff Member

    ELFOLLADOR16 has been banned. Thanks for the report!
  12. Wo0t_Ho0t

    Wo0t_Ho0t New Member

    Are you serious? SaltyAss? In what world do you live in? I mean, people like you are the reason we can’t have any fun anymore. Please, climb down off your high horse and enjoy the game.
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  13. Wo0t_Ho0t

    Wo0t_Ho0t New Member

    C’mon man, this is gestapo tactics.
  14. Boming man

    Boming man Member

    nickname==>> SatriaZx10r

    You have no right to ban me in the game because I use the name clan "dick" because in German the meaning is different and does not aim dirty.

    try using a translator using german to english.

    I can't upload a file because server error

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  15. PepeLePierre420

    PepeLePierre420 French Mod oui oui Staff Member

    The game was made to fit for kids, as there is no way to prevent children from downloading the game. Thus, words like "Ass" or "Shit" will be punished.

    On that note, please remain courteous with other users.
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  16. PepeLePierre420

    PepeLePierre420 French Mod oui oui Staff Member

    We ARE entitled to banning you.

    "Dick" is excessively used as an insult in English-speaking countries, and even if the world doesn't spin around the United States, the Bullet Force community is mainly english speakers.
    Another big part of the community is children, and sadly we cannot count on you to explain the situation to every kid, and they would probably not listen anyways.

    Again, we ARE entitled to banning you. In fact, mods are entitled to banning anyone. Of course, banning random people would make no sense, which is why most are selectively chosen, and have to follow rules.
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  17. Wo0t_Ho0t

    Wo0t_Ho0t New Member

    I understand what you are saying, but banning a subject for a user name as light weight as "SaltyAss" seems unreasonable, especially if it is a paying customer. I get banning people who have racial slurs for names or names that contain extreme profanity, but this case is ticky-tack.

    At what point do we draw a line between what is persevered offensive and what is actually offensive? I also think a person who has 420 in their user name (which is a direct reference to the ingestion of marijuana) while preaching about the children is quite hypercritical don't you think?

    I signed up for BF because I was an avid Counter-Strike player in the early 2000's and I wanted to recapture some of that good fun. BF provides some of that good fun but when a user has a name that could potentially be perceived as offensive by someones subjective feelings it no longer has that luster.

    I also see the paradox of your quote "the game was made to fit for kids" when its a game involving people blowing each other away with bullets and explosives.

    Also, lets not pretend the "children" who play this game are delicate angles, in fact in my gaming experiences its been those children who are the biggest violators of the crude online behavior.

    By the way I've allowed my seven year old son to play this game, dating back to when it still had gore in it.
  18. hedgehog10101

    hedgehog10101 Member

    There is a player named Bigdickgurl. they hacked in a nuke on outpost with only fifteen kills.
  19. hedgehog10101

    hedgehog10101 Member

    What about Shitface?

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