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Discussion in 'Heretic Reports' started by EXTINCT1ON, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. FabulousMrToad

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    Bigdickgirl & Shitface banned.
  2. {RAZE}prisman

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    I was playing bullet force on pc and I found a dude named LuciferIsBack and I am very religious
    I can't post the photo because it says error so email at
    I can send you the photo
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    CANADAMAN New Member

    Offensive username. "LucasIsaFaggot" I get server error when trying to upload the .jpeg but can provide it once the server problem is fixed.
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    EXTINCT1ON Goodbye, Bullet Force

    Upload the screenshot to an image hosting website and paste the URL into a post.
  5. FabulousMrToad

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    We don't necessarily need a screenshot for offensive names although it is better. If it comes up on the system we can still ban.
  6. PepeLePierre420

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    First of all, "SaltyAss" is the finest example of why we ban this sort of IGN. It encourages the use of bad words amongst children, and makes the game look really unprofessional.

    Second of all, paying players are not privileged, they will be treated the same way as normal players.

    Third of all, the 'line' you speak about can be traced between "obvious" and "inside"; "obvious" is the part including and not limited to 'ass', 'butt', 'pussy', 'sex', 'shit', etc. while the "inside" part is rather 'scissor', 'dank', '420', etc. For further information, just know moderators can ban at their own discretion and often verify their thoughts with other moderators.

    Fourth of all, if you want something like Counter Strike, Blayze Games also has a game called Forward Assault, similar to tactical FPS games.

    Fifth of all, our society and the way we see things changes regularly; just look at how we started off with games like Doom to Fortnite; we went from beheading literal demons in hell to struggling to snipe a guy with a dino hat in order to win a deathmatch on a weird island.

    Sixth of all, if you think our moderation team can't handle those brats, you're mistaken. Also, it's angels, not angles.

    Seventh of all, I hope you seven year old didn't blow your k/d.
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  7. PepeLePierre420

    PepeLePierre420 French Mod oui oui Staff Member

    Bannable. Why do you ask?

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