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    Soldiers of Bullet Force,

    Blayze Games has presented a preview of a new map in its very early stages on the official Bullet Force Twitter account, @bulletforcegame. Blayze Games wants to know about players thoughts on this new map.

    Preview of the new map in Bullet Force. Source:

    Blayze Games’ director,
    HiT, has also addressed additional concerns in his replies to the post’s replies.

    Will there be a prestige system in Bullet Force?

    Will there be vantage points for snipers?

    HiT has also announced that the fire rate of the AUG will be nerfed, and the Shorty SG’s range will be nerfed.

    In other news...

    Copyright strikes has have been filed against 157 Bullet Force videos, which include hacking and account sharing.

    Forward Assault has released its 1.1022 update! Here are the patch notes:

    -Added 11 New Glove Skins
    -Added 3 New Hatchet Skins
    -Added New Classified Skin GA83
    -Added 4 New Special Offers
    -Added Change Clan Name Feature
    -Added Clear Clan Requests
    -Added Private Clans
    -Added Middle East Server
    -Added Inspection Animations for FAMAS and MP5K
    -Added Spanish language
    -Added Reset Hud
    -Made Customizing Hud Easier
    -You Can Now Turn Off Chat Filter
    -Many Many Map Fixes
    -Various Bug Fixes
    -Many Headglitches Fixed
    -Nerfed the MP9

    Bullet Force and Forward Assault are looking for someone experienced in LUA scripting to help patch Game Guardian hacks:, Bullet Force announcement source is on Discord

    GeneralAlex unveils Destined 2 Rise’s exclusive Forward Assault skin for winning Season 1 of Mobile eSports’ Forward Assault tournament:
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KirbyZapYoYo, Aug 27, 2018.

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