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Discussion in 'Heretic Reports' started by KingPrevail, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    Since there's quite a few public accounts going around, I think it would be good if we have an organized list of them in one post that can be edited when the accounts are banned. We could consider this the hit list for public accounts. Please feel free to let me know what accounts to add or if you know the statuses of any of the accounts and if some statuses need to be adjusted!

    Red: Banned
    Yellow: Unknown
    Green: Still Active
    Purple: Can't be played on anymore

    1. Burrofosse
    2. Ihdc2
    3. Ihdc3
    4. GlockMods
    5. lamal
    6. Freeaccount1

    8. Bloodborne
    9. Playzlets
    10. Peti38383838
    11. Kurdis1
    12. Kurdistan321
    13. lilDopeScope
    14. Mojamed
    15. HatakeZ
    16. PicaDeAcucar
    17. watchawatchawhen
    18. Babankurd
    19. iNuoerx
    20. Anonimus5
    21. TuGfaa
    22. Hulk846
    23. Samhaltwheel
    24. ShurikenUmp

    25. Sub22
    26. InfiniteGamer007
    27. Ihcd2
    28. UltimateYT
    29. 420Scope
    30. Mods4Dayz
    31. Ihdc6
    32. Ihdc20
    33. Bf1000
    34. Y2infikition
    35. DopeSniperZ
    36. XCFgiveaway
    37. Rutviks1
    38. ArSoZ
    39. DnSpyV1
    40. DnSpyV2
    41. DnSpyV4
    42. Ihdc1
    43. Botina123
    44. Accountfree20
    45. Styles01
    46. Rutviks3
    48. PiToChU28
    49. Troller45

    50. MrOne1
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  2. Ryu420

    Ryu420 -

    Very nice! I think Peti is still active, I feel i've seen that account in one of my recent matches.
  3. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    It has been a while since I have seen that account! I know a few due to reporting them on twitter.
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    How do you determine if it's a hacked account?
  5. Lonely_Guy

    Lonely_Guy New Member

    how these guys hack it? Bullet Force is ARM, very hard to mod. @nxtboyIII try apply an anti-cheat system, fast and efficient.
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  6. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    More like modded accounts that take away from supporting the developer. I know from following different forums and watching them being posted all over YouTube. But the BURROFORCE one was a dead giveaway because it used to have 99+ million gold and the killstreak on the account was almost a million.
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  7. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    Most games that run on Unity Engine are hard to mod. There's just some people who are smart enough to find ways around it.
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  8. DICEsucks

    DICEsucks New Member

    another one here
    level 100, almost all unlocked
    Login: Babankurd
    pass: baban123456789
  9. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks! Do you know if it is banned or not?
  10. DICEsucks

    DICEsucks New Member

    not banned, fresh released
  11. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    Added! Thanks :)
  12. Ocrast

    Ocrast Member

    Thanks you very much for this list. Its very helpful. In the time where i was banned, i also saw a hacked account named Anonimus5.
  13. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks! Added to list. Ran into another active non-banned one today. They just keep multiplying lol
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  14. mhamedo

    mhamedo THE Snapping Turtle

    Isn't peti banned ? When @Ocrast was on the blacklist server cause he tried to log on one of these accounts , peti was there
  15. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    I'm not sure, I've seen Peti on the non-blacklisted servers as well as the blacklisted ones.
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  16. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    Peti is actually not. Just reinstalled and checked on my phone. Peti is on the normal servers. The person who Ocrast saw probably logged into one of the blacklisted accounts and then went onto Peti, which just switched that account to the blacklisted servers but it's not really banned.
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  17. Basmal121

    Basmal121 New Member

    I don't expect a level 80 player to play like this and I think they are hackers.

    - Babankurd
    - HayhaSimo

  18. mhamedo

    mhamedo THE Snapping Turtle

    Just because a level 80 had a bad match doesn't mean he's a hacker, maybe he let someone else play , or he was doing something different

    If you're just assuming people are hackers just because of their extremely low kd and not because of how they play then i don't think you're gonna get anywhere , it's not solid proof
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  19. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    Babankurd is one of the public accounts. The other one I'm not entirely sure of.
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    RHINOCEROS New Member

    Burrofosse still active and I have played with most of these accounts. I know Thier status cus I play on every server almost all damn day.

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