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Discussion in 'Heretic Reports' started by KingPrevail, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Blond24

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    Freeloaders and hackers get no sympathies from me, they are what ruin the fun.
  2. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    Made a Pt. 2 of this list. Any future new public accounts, post them to the second list please!
    If an account is on this list and you have encountered it in the non-blacklist servers again due to it getting unbanned, post it here so it can be re-banned!

    @goldmaster11 can we get it pinned?
  3. KirbyZapYoYo

    KirbyZapYoYo Administrator Staff Member

    The new thread has been pinned.
  4. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    @goldmaster11 Ran into one of the original public accounts on non-blacklist servers. PicaDeAcuar

  5. BloodRaceKING

    BloodRaceKING New Member

    You forgot Peraiba, which is a public account that is waiting to be banned.
  6. TheCloverBoy

    TheCloverBoy Active Member

    Its already banned dude .-.
  7. ItzNxckz

    ItzNxckz New Member

    ban this
  8. KingPrevail

    KingPrevail Retired Moderator Staff Member

    Both accounts are already banned :)
  9. Zee Girl

    Zee Girl Moderator Staff Member

    Do you still remember this account?


    Please unban it. Because in fact, this isn't public account. For the proofs, here's the conversations :

    Rizki (buyer) : "I've bought it from Uzi (seller) but he didnt gave me his gmail address and password. He just gave me his BF ID and the password. And then i played it. I bought it since its level is still 72.


    When its reached level 94, Uzi wanted to took his account back. I rejected but he still forced".

    Me : "Ooh. I thought, his email and the password has been given to you but I get it wrong".

    Rizki : "I was so upset. He wanted to refund. But i didnt want to. But then, Uzi still wanted to took his account back. So, i was the person who got loss by him! Because I've already collected 900 golds and i was the only one who increased its level.

    So then, i reported his account to K7Tole and told him to ban it. I reasoned that the account was a public account.


    After it got banned, Uzi gave his gmail address along with the password. I was so irritated!"

    Me : What the hell...

    Rizki : So that's why i asked you to bring back my account. This isnt public account, seriously. I've changed the email password so it has been a privacy email now.

    Me : Alright alright, it's all clear now.

    SCREENSHOTS of the conversations (Indonesian Language) :

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  10. Zee Girl

    Zee Girl Moderator Staff Member

  11. KirbyZapYoYo

    KirbyZapYoYo Administrator Staff Member

    This account has been unbanned.
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  12. Gamingbro

    Gamingbro Active Member

    You know that account sharing is bad.And why did you have to tell us? Only dumbass noobs hack,or use modded accounts.
  13. hedgehog10101

    hedgehog10101 Member

    Does he have an account on PC as well? I've seen the username there.
  14. hedgehog10101

    hedgehog10101 Member

    this is a bit late but on page four of this thread, someone asked for it to be unbanned.

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