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Discussion in 'Heretic Reports' started by hedgehog10101, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. hedgehog10101

    hedgehog10101 Member

    Because there are public accounts in the PC version too, and a list hasn't been created yet, this will become one. Feel free to add to this list.

    So far none of these are banned, as moderators don't have access to the PC version yet. Once they start getting banned, I will add their status.

    Here's the list (I will add more as I go through the mobile lists and check if they exist on PC)
    1. Ericdead33
    2. GiftedCat (pending verification, not sure if this is the right spelling)
    3. iChokedOnARemote
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  2. FabulousMrToad

    FabulousMrToad Inquisitor Bufo Bufo Staff Member

    Should add to this that we need evidence of sharing or a working password to ban public accounts. Please provide this along with the account in question. :)
  3. hedgehog10101

    hedgehog10101 Member

    How should I give it to you for Ericdead33?
  4. FabulousMrToad

    FabulousMrToad Inquisitor Bufo Bufo Staff Member

    Typically accounts are shared via social media or YouTube etc, so links or screenshots showing the account name and working password are acceptable. Alternatively just the ign and password that we can check.

    Ericdead33 was banned last year, and I just banned Giftedcat for various account based hacks.
  5. hedgehog10101

    hedgehog10101 Member

    IGN: Ericdead33
    Pw: iloveyou
    IGN: iChokedOnARemote
    Pw: i
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  6. hedgehog10101

    hedgehog10101 Member

    on Pc version?
  7. FabulousMrToad

    FabulousMrToad Inquisitor Bufo Bufo Staff Member

    Ugh. No, on mobile. Gets confusing this.
  8. hedgehog10101

    hedgehog10101 Member

    I saw GiftedCat in a game a while ago, but don't know if it's public.
  9. [DeFy]prisman

    [DeFy]prisman New Member

    wow can't let the community share accounts?
  10. SupermanXDS

    SupermanXDS Member

    Nope, as its against game rules.

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