Sneaky peek: Three new Bulletforce guns at once.

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by FabulousMrToad, Nov 9, 2017.

By FabulousMrToad on Nov 9, 2017 at 11:41 PM
  1. FabulousMrToad

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    image.png image-1.png image-2.png
    Pics courtesy of our amazing Devs and Youdoneson :)

    *EDIT* Some more information on the new weapons. Please note, despite what the pictures from the test build say, when the update rolls out the weapons will be as follows:

    Tommy gun: Gold exclusive.
    MP40: Early access.
    CX Scorpio: Credits.

    Just to avoid future confusion. :)

    And as if that's not enough, at last! An ingame link to the forums!


    Exciting times folks. Exciting times. :D
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by FabulousMrToad, Nov 9, 2017.

    1. KingPrevail
      My prayers have been answered. Literally just made a post about the hotlinks and I see you post this.

      Very excited for this update
      Forget those damned guns! ... the forum link is finally here! Huzzah!
    3. Armaghan
      Tommy gun looks op from it’s damage and rpm.

      Btw famas is not the king of rpm anymore, CX has 1150 rpm, still it will be really balanced considering it’s damage, It would most likely be a 6 to a 7 shot kill.

      Btw is that their actual cost?
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    4. FabulousMrToad
      Those are pictures from the development build of the new update, so there's a possibility some of the stats and figures may change by the time it rolls out. So I'd be surprised if the prices stayed that cheap. :)
    5. CreepyOverlord
      Oh yes! The Discord link is up there too! Viva la updaté!! ;):D:)
    6. Ivan212
      How about the hide chat and turn off music feature that gonna be added in the update?
    7. KingPrevail
      That will also be included!
    8. FabulousMrToad

      Sure is. :D
    9. Armaghan
      This sure is one of the biggest and most important update in the history of bullet force.
    10. wizzzzzzo
      I feel like Al Capone with the Tommy...

      Salute and kudos for taking your time to make our gameplay more awesome than it already is. Much love.
    11. FabulousMrToad
      Edited for more information regarding the status of the guns when the update rolls out.

      Tommy gun will be gold exclusive.

      MP40 will be early access.

      CX Scorpio will be credits.
    12. LordAlmighty
      When will the update be released ? Also, will be finally be able to get rid of that retarded main menu music ?
    13. Armaghan
      Yes the option to the turn the god damn torture music off is coming. Don’t expect the update to be released before a week
    14. LordAlmighty
      Thanks for the info man! Can't wait for the update! I would be able to get the new CX Scorpio even it costs 500,000 credits. I have played this game soooooo much! Woo!
    15. PepeLePierre420
      For the first time in game history, Bullet Force pulled off the greatest update, without adding a map! Can't wait for the Tommy to come out!
    16. Vhinx
    17. _Borisa
      Where is my Soviet Era weapons?
    18. 21GunSalute
      Ahhhhhh I'm so excited!!! This is just too much to take in all at once! It looks like I'm going to have some exciting matches to look forward too. Plus easy access to the forums?! It just does'nt get any better. The question is when will this be happening?
    19. Armaghan
      That’s the only question that remains unanswered and shall remain unaswered for every update. I asked Lucas himself and his replies are always these two: “idk” or “soon”. So it’s better to stay in suspense:D

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