The gun sights of Bulletforce, and what it's like to look through them.

Discussion in 'General' started by FabulousMrToad, May 27, 2017.

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    lol i personally love the coyote, and then acog on the m40 its great for maps like urban or prison with the long straights :)
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    for the hand from what i've seen and my very limited experience with it when you ads (not that you need to really) the index finger at the top has a sort of point on it looking like a ^ find that and that would be where you aim
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    Thanks for the feedback helped a lot
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    What's the difference between the cobra sight and rds?
  8. DanGibBro

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    Dude, you can clearly see the difference. Just look at the pictures. In case you're too lazy to look, here's a bit of explanation:

    RDS is short for Red Dot Sight. The reticle is just a simple dot, hence the name.
    Something like this:

    The Cobra sight is pretty much the same. The only difference: it has a T-shaped reticle with a blank space at the intersection. Something like this, but with a blank space at the intersection:
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    Oops meant RDS vs coyote
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    Coyote is more or less an RDS with a wider field of vision. :)
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    "FlacoSZN, post: 8125, member: 6792"]I tried acog but just can't get used to it .... Maybe im too aggressive[/QUOTE]
    Neither can I haha, AK47 and ACOG is a big no for me! Lol
    I'm new to the forums, though not to the game.
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    But no one choice holo sight.why?
  14. The coyote gives you a slightly better Field of vision but is more expensive.
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    holographic sight has huge circle which isn't as accurate as a simple dot. But to be honest it's just about personal preference.

    Like I personally dislike ACOG because of the high camera shake and reduce FOV it gives.
  16. rajbarman

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    Kobra best
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    EXTINCT1ON Goodbye, Bullet Force

    AK-5C Iron Sights

    Above: AK-5C Iron Sights with enemy soldier

    Above: AK-5C Iron Sights with background contrast
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  18. I have a question a about the sights. So if I buy a coyote for my scar, in the future when I get a Ak47, can I mount the coyote or do I have to buy it again? Also is this the same with suppressors/muzzles?
  19. DanGibBro

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    You have to buy it again for each gun. Same goes for suppressors and muzzle brakes.
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