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Discussion in 'General' started by Hashir, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Hashir

    Hashir Active Member

    Guy I am now lvl 95 :):):) and yesterday one of my clan mates told be about perk called fmj it said bullets penetrate better so I thought it would increase bullet velocity or bullet drop or may be even let it do more dmg through object all of these things didnt really matter that much so I never used but he told me that this perk makes some weapons do more dmg like it makes the ump from 5 shots to 4 thats a massive buff and I didnt even know this and i am lvl 95 so I want to ask you guys and also tell you .What you have noticed about perks that have stupid description

    Rapid heal : really useful perk for rushing setup put his on something like an ak or ump setup and rush with flash bang engage with enemies if you take too much dmg just back off for a little while or even flash bang every one including your self your health will be full by the time it ends giving you another chance

    Rapid draw : makes you ads( aim down sights ) faster just a little bit it really useful if you are sniping or using a inaccurate weapon like the ak or scar

    swift hands : I think this doesnt work

    overpack: extra throw able

    Loaded : you get a few more magz of ammo use full for m320 or rpg spam

    Undetectable : A really useful perk that can be used to surprise the good player who have the uav on other then it acts as a supressor with the dmg drop

    Enhanced : broken perk doesnt do anything I had it equipped and was running with friendly towards enemies we were running at the same speed this could have been random but then I noticed it a couple times and even when running from the spawn with all my teammates so it doesnt work as of right now

    Optimize : makes you reload faster really useful for high rpm weapons where your mags end quickly but also useful for snipers allows you to re chamber and fire faster

    Super strafe :great for corner peeking and also useful for assaulting with a weapon that is super accurate like ump mpx m60 or vector where you can ads and strafe really fast to get multi kills easy

    Bounty : give you ammo every 4 kills useful for as val every other weapon I have never needed it

    Shock wave : I perk used by the most toxic player who believe in rpg m320 he and shuriken spam FTW

    Shield : the perk used by sniper to avoid getting killed by nade spam

    Stealth : show on minimap for less time never used it never will I almost always have the counter uav on so no need for it

    Sneak : gives you limited edition micheal jordan which shoots tk form one foot and shurkiens from the other ( its useless)

    Trigger finger : allows you to spam fire 870,m405,m200,mk11,deagle,compact,rex

    Extended : makes you look longer ( useful for high rpm weapons )

    Accelerate : killstreaks come faster

    Headhunter:give you 25 more exp each headshot worthless

    Distinguisher : allows you to hear the sound of the souls of dead soldiers (useless)

    Phantom : Hides name tag only useful if you have camo cause enemies already have a unique uniform

    Quick blade : Good perk but very situational only pick if nothing else is needed

    Fmj: makes your bullet do more dmg and allows you gun to do mroe dmg while shooting at multiple enemies who are standing in a row trust it makes guns op o_O

    This is me from the future after countless years of testing I have determined that fmj just makes your bullet travel through stuff a bit more effectively
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  2. Armaghan

    Armaghan True Metal Maniac

    I'd say this is the best and most accurate description of the perks! I'll try super strafe and fmj with my ump and check to see the difference.

    By the way, extended doesn't make you look longer, it makes you last longer (definitely not a sex joke) ;):p:D

    Edit: i just tested it, fmj does increases the penetration of bullets but it doesnt increase the damage. Ump was 4 shot kill with and without the fmj perk. I tested it three times and the results were same.
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  3. KirbyZapYoYo

    KirbyZapYoYo Administrator Staff Member

    Headhunter should have either higher XP gain bonus or be removed.

    Thank you for taking your time to write this out. Your work is appreciated and has been stickied!
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  4. Dash021

    Dash021 Active Member

    Sometimes I troll people in gun game :p.
    I use my setup as - Quick knife , enhanced, quick heal. I found out that I don't run faster with enhanced , speed remains same , it's really a broken perk , anyways my enemy had to reach 45 kills to win the game of 17 kills lol.
  5. Lakshayy

    Lakshayy Member

    Actually no it doesn't work like that for snipers, the bullets don't rechamber faster, you just put your mag in a bit faster. The fire rate of sniper stays the same
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  6. Hashir

    Hashir Active Member

    I donot know why but I noticed it with the m405 when I had it equipped I caught pop shots almost as fast as the mk11 may be I was wrong

    Yeah it doesnt but what is meant by penetration is faster bullet speed /less bullet drop personally I thought it buffed dmg but as you are saying it may not so I think it may make the bullets do more dmg after they go through an enemy then with out the fmj perk cause when I am shooting at multiple enemies in a row It takes like 6 bullets which feels less
  7. Dash021

    Dash021 Active Member

    The perks are way too less if you cross level 62 there are no perks ahead , instead there should be more awesome and useful perks for those players who are above rank 62 , it would be great if there were more perks up till lvl 100 , also IMO the perk capacity should be made 10 instead of 8 slots.
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  8. Dash021

    Dash021 Active Member

    Headhunter perk should be modified so that rather than giving a mere 25 xp it should double the amount of credits gained by the kill , since one kill gives you around 100 credit , but when you equip the headhunter and get a headshot it should give you 200 credits , because 25 xp is nothing even a uav gives 250 xp , rather we need perks which award us credits , a double/triple/quad/Penta kill should give you extra credits like 100/200/300/400 credits and not 25/50/75/100 xp , it would be a fun way to gain credits by playing; just my thoughts.
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    NISZCZOR Active Member

    Very well described. Good information. Thankyou
  10. FlacoSZN

    FlacoSZN Member

    Yeah i used to use FMJ but it didn't do anything
  11. 2K17Shooter

    2K17Shooter Retired from Bullet Force

    To make use of Optimize full potential with Sniper you'll have to switch back and fourth between secondary after each shot with sniper. This allows the bolt action animation to cancel itself. So Fast Hands are actually useful here because of faster "weapon swap".

    I rarely do that because I always end up dropping my phone or throw grenade or reload instead of change weapon
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  12. Hashir

    Hashir Active Member

    dude that some next lvl stuff thanks I will use this with the m200 that guns fires so slow its annoying
  13. Dash021

    Dash021 Active Member

    I tested it out and it really works like a charm.

    NISZCZOR Active Member

    Yea, i do that in counter strike. Will see if it is convinent in bf
  15. mwells1989 [AE]

    mwells1989 [AE] New Member

  16. rman22

    rman22 Member

    Quick Blade is actually really good for using the butterfly knife. Its much faster and efficient.
  17. JakeEfil

    JakeEfil Un├╝berwindlich oberherr von reich

    Can you tell me what can fmj penetrates?
  18. Hashir

    Hashir Active Member

    naughty boy :rolleyes::eek::D:p
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  19. Dash021

    Dash021 Active Member

    Fmj is most suitable for office , since there you can do a lot of wall banging.
  20. JakeEfil

    JakeEfil Un├╝berwindlich oberherr von reich

    Hey! :cool:
    Do you mean the glass windows?

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