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  1. iPadCary

    iPadCary New Member

    1. A SPRINT/RUN button. It'd make it a lot easier to move & navigate.

    2. The ability to teamchat in "Spectator Mode", like in "BOMB DEFUSE",
    so if you're killed and have to wait until the next round to play again,
    you can still able to cheer on & encourage a teammate.

    3. The ability to quit to MENU when in "Spectator Mode".

    Thank you.
  2. XenoBlayze

    XenoBlayze Moderator Staff Member

    There is an option to turn on the sprint button in the in game settings while in spectstor mode, simply press pause and main menu to leave the match. Team chat is an excellent idea.
  3. iPadCary

    iPadCary New Member

    Here is both SETTINGS & the IN-GAME SETTINGS ....



    As you can see, there is no oprion to turn-on the SPRINT button.
  4. _Borisa

    _Borisa Clan USSR

    No need for a sprint/run button if you have this you wont be a better player.
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  5. iPadCary

    iPadCary New Member

    You will be a better player.

    I play on iPad. I use my left thumb to move.
    I can't tell you how many kills I've lost and deaths I've taken
    because I go to move in for the shot, but my thumb sticks on the screen
    or the movement won't register on screen, the guy sees me and ....
    well it's good-night Charlie. lol
    A RUN/SPRINT button would cure that mishap once & for all.

    Plus, just having a feature doesn't mean it's necessary ONLY
    if it makes you a better player.
    There are matters of convienence & ease-of-use to consider, too.
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  6. If you’re quoting Some Like It Hot, the quote is “Good bye Charlie”. ;) I <3 Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon
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  7. Just to show you how insane I am, here is the direct script:

    Look, Chief - I better blow now, because if Spats Colombo sees me, it's Goodbye Charlie.

    Goodbye, Charlie.
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  8. iPadCary

    iPadCary New Member

    I wasn't, but thank you just the same.
  9. _Borisa

    _Borisa Clan USSR

    I disagree in all the time I've played bf ive never had a problem with sprinting ever, in the beginning i had trouble. The only problem i ever had was not pressing the aim button, but the solution was make the aim button bigger.
  10. iPadCary

    iPadCary New Member

    That's you. This is my suggestion and I still want a SPRINT/RUN button option.
    Just because you don't like it, I'm supposed to say: "Oh, Borisa doesn't like my idea. Forget it then."
    And how tough could it be to add one?
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  11. I would say sprint gives 115% speed but you have to wait .7 seconds after you finish to draw your weapon.
  12. iPadCary

    iPadCary New Member

    Thank you to the devs for adding SPECTATOR TEAM CHAT in the latest update!!!
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  13. iPadCary

    iPadCary New Member

    I made an error in my last post.
    SPECTATOR TEAM CHAT was not added in the last update.
    Just regular, in-game TEAM CHAT was added, but I still thank the devs for that.

    As per my SUGGETION #3:
    * You're playing MP "BOMB DEFUSE"

    * You're killed

    * You are now in SPECTATOR MODE

    * But you can't communicate with your still-playing teammates

    Look at this quick 12-second video:
    But still you can see the point I'm trying to illustrate.

    After I'm killed in BOMB DEFUSE and watch the rest of my
    teammates playing while I'm in SPECTATOR MODE,
    there is no way for me to talk to my still-playing teammates when I am watching them in SPECTATOR MODE.

    I would like to talk to them to offer encouragement: "Hey, you can do this, man!"
    or maybe warn them: "Hey, there's a guy on the balcony to your left!"
    is the "Teamchat" I am referring to.

    If the devs could add that in the next update, that'd be cool.
    Thank you.
  14. plumtuckerd

    plumtuckerd New Member

    And this s why I just go and play another game! Japanese people and bore ass!

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