Throwing Knives and Shuriken are Getting Removed from the game... soon.

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    EXTINCT1ON Goodbye, Bullet Force

    If you are staying in very close touch with Bullet Force on the official Twitter feed or on the Discord channel, you would have likely heard of the news already. This latest decision to the game arrived as a massive shock to me and the rest of the community, and it is now in my best interest to notify this area of the Bullet Force community with this announcement.

    Throwing Knives and Shuriken are getting removed from the game... soon.
    From the official Twitter page. Link:

    Quote from the @bulletforcegame Twitter:

    This massive game change was the direct result of a poll instigated on the third of April this year.


    An overwhelming 57% of the voters believe that these two weapons should be removed from the game completely. A hard move, but it definitely solves the "OP throwing blade" dilema.


    Whether you've never used these two throwables before, or you amass several kills with them every round, and regardless on how you feel about these weapons, this major alteration will vastly impact the gameplay dynamics of Bullet Force whether or not you favour or disfavour the changes.

    Don't fret, you will get refunded for the Throwing Knife or Shuriken if you have purchased either of them. With the 1,000 gold, you can buy the brand new AK-5C assault rifle if you choose to. If you have bought both the Throwing Knife and the Shuriken, you will be refunded 2,000 gold - enough to crack open 20 cases!

    This change is both welcome and dreaded, but in the end it is a necessary change that will improve Bullet Force overall. If we are going to continue to support and preserve this amazing game's longevity, then the removal of the Throwing Knives and Shuriken is an understandable and long-due change. Have fun playing Bullet Force, soldiers! See you all next update.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by EXTINCT1ON, Apr 11, 2018.

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