You NEED a phone with Dolby Atmos!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by darrenşháñ, May 15, 2019.

  1. darrenşháñ

    darrenşháñ Member

    I recently got a new phone and it has Dolby Atmos. The phone has a app called Game Tools. From there I can activate Dolby Atmos for my games! I used it for PUBG and it's effect is incredible! It makes everything louder, but keeps shots, grenades, cars quieter!! So you can hear footsteps, doors opening/closing, ALL loud and thereby easy, but not blow out your ears because of shots, grenades , etc!!

    I HIGHLY recommend, if your looking for a new phone, to buy one with Dolby Atmos!

    I tried to record gameplay with Dolby Atmos activated, but the recording software picks the audio up without Dolby's effect

    You can find a list with devices here:
  2. juliatom543

    juliatom543 New Member

    I heard about this phone a lot, but dont have any experience to use this, I also saw it on ReeCoupons, but I was confused that time about the phone, well after hearing so much about this phone, really I am thinking to buy. Can you tell me about your model num?
  3. darrenşháñ

    darrenşháñ Member

    Sure. It is the Galaxy S10. But really all devices in the linked list should be good. I HIGHLY recommend iOS though, because Android is bad at the moment. I had to replace my S10 2 times because it heavily underperformed. In the end I switched to iOS, because it seemed to have been a software problem that couldn’t be fixed with swapping the phone. Samsung and my carrier had no idea what caused it though.

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