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Developer HiT Explains the Weapon Badges System for Bullet Force

Hello Bullet Forcers,

Today Blayze Games developer HiT posted a video in which he explains the functionality of the badge system for Bullet Force. That video can be viewed below:

For those that don't want to watch the video in its entirety, the key points from the video are:

There are 7 badge categories

  • Assault Rifles
  • SMGs
  • Shotguns
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Explosives
  • LMGs
  • Secondaries
There are 19 total badge ranks (in order);
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Alpha
  • Bravo
  • Delta
  • Omega
  • Spartan
  • Ghost
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Hitman
  • Assassin
  • Elite Assassin
  • Master Gunner
  • Weapon Expert
  • Legendary Shooter
  • Global Icon
  • Omni (see first dot point below)
  • The Omni badge can only be unlocked once you reach Global Icon for every weapon category in Bullet Force.
  • Every time that you rank up a badge, you get a free weapon case that will reward a skin for any gun - not just for the badge's category.
  • If you leave a match prematurely, the kills you get during the match will not count towards badges.
  • Getting kills within locked private matches do not count towards badges.
  • Kill assists and Assist counts as kills do not count towards badge progression.
  • When you reach Global Icon for a weapon category, you will automatically unlock the exclusive Royalty skin for every gun in that category.
  • Your publicly displayed Region on the Weapon Rank leaderboard is based on your amount of kills. Regions are decided when you accumulate at least 70% of your kills in a particular region.
Hello loyal soldiers of Bullet Force.

In the latest update, some of you have lost significant amounts of progress and items. All of your requests to get your weapons/perks/currency restored must be done through the official Bullet Force support website located at

Also note that this problem is widespread, so please remain patient. The small support team is in constant work to get everyone's accounts restored. While it isn't exactly known how long the wait might take, I'd personally expect anywhere between a couple of days to half of a week for a response from customer support to get back, but the wait could be longer.

Regarding the new badges system, progression towards unlocking badges as well as the badges themselves are currently paused at this current circumstance so that they can be reset and so all of the players can start from a fresh slate. Your local player stats (nukes, K/D ratio, wins) will very likely not be affected.

On behalf of Bullet Force, sorry for the lack of communication. There is very little I as a forum moderator can do alone, but I will continue to help as much as I can until all of the bugs and issues are fixed.

Kindest regards, EXTINCT1ON.

Calling upon all content creators, artists and graphic designers of Bullet Force!

Are you a Redditor that plays Bullet Force that want to be a member of loving, wholesome gaming community? Well look no further than joining the official Bullet Force subreddit! We are currently holding a contest to redesign the site's banner. We need more contest participants! Rules are listed at the bottom of this announcement in quote form.

The winner will have their banner set as the official subreddit banner.

The contest ends on Christmas Day (December 25th)!

Link to the contest here:


Coolmark Joins Blayze Games, thanks the community and game for career opportunities

Soldiers of Blayze Games,

Blayze Games has announced the employment of a new developer at Blayze Games: Coolmark. Coolmark was a former player of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and Modern Combat 5: Blackout, who found Bullet Force during its 2016 open beta test. His past videos have contributed significantly to the growth of his YouTube channel and the game. Coolmark is now Blayze Games' community relations specialist. His job is to gather feedback from the game's playerbase by holding community livestreams every Friday and Sunday in addition to special events. Livestreams are currently planned to be held twice a week on Friday, 6:00PM PST and Sunday, 12:00PM PST.

Second Preview of Dam Map

A more-developed version of the Dam map. Source:
Blayze Games' CEO Clint Wilde has Tweeted out a new preview of the Dam map, showcasing the terrain, a vantage point, and the dam on the top right.

Pumpkin gloves, MP5K, and Karambit skins. Source:

Forward Assaulters,

Prepare for the gloomiest counter-terrorist operations this month! Defuse those pumpkins!

GeneralAlex, Blayze Games’ skin designer and competitive mobile gamer, has unveiled upcoming Halloween-themed skins for Forward Assault. The skins are expected for the next major Forward Assault update along with a new feature for clan customization: custom colors and are to be sold in special offers. The skin designs include:

Let us know what you think about these skins!




CAEEFA94-A098-496F-989A-3493A01EC82A.jpeg 10B7E63C-EE42-4310-AF0D-B9916D5FD3AD.jpeg 51CC6EB1-8F50-49FC-BEF9-55030A527600.jpeg D8EE3684-B69F-4E52-8EA7-06B5EFBEA517.jpeg

In other news

Joshua Wilde is planning to ditch Unity3D for Galaxy Raiders MMO due to low performance on procedural generation of terrain. He previews planet terrain isolated from any game engine:
Soldiers of Blayze Games,

Bullet Force has released its 1.46 update. The 1.46 update emphasized weapon balance issues and patched more old bugs. Here are the changes:

- Added Tec-9
- Nerfed Shorty SG - magazine capacity of 4 by default and 6 with Extended perk and significantly reduce range
- Nerfed L85 - range and hipfire accuracy have been reduced
- Nerfed AUG - range has been reduced. Rate of fire reduced to 740RPM.
- Disabled spawn protection when respawning
- Changed map spawn points
- Fixed perks randomly not working or inherited from other classes
- Fixed a bug in which the same join message would repeat if a player joined a match

Blayze Games wants players’ voices heard about any additional issues and any suggestions to improve Bullet Force.

Galaxy Raiders - Planets

Galaxy Raiders’ developer Joshua Wilde has once again found time to develop upcoming outer-space MMO Galaxy Raiders after the start of the school year. Exploring planets’ surfaces has been confirmed for the next major update. The Galaxy Raiders Twitter account has posted multiple video previews of what is to be expected in the next update. The preview videos demonstrate fortification building, digging planets, and using grenades to dig deep, square-shaped holes.

Digging planet terrain:

Constructing new terrain:
Building fortifications:...
Soldiers of Bullet Force,

Blayze Games has presented a preview of a new map in its very early stages on the official Bullet Force Twitter account, @bulletforcegame. Blayze Games wants to know about players thoughts on this new map.

Preview of the new map in Bullet Force. Source:

Blayze Games’ director,
HiT, has also addressed additional concerns in his replies to the post’s replies.

Will there be a prestige system in Bullet Force?

Will there be vantage points for snipers?

HiT has also announced that the fire rate of the AUG will be nerfed, and the Shorty SG’s range will be nerfed.

In other news...

Copyright strikes has have been filed against 157 Bullet Force videos, which include hacking and account sharing.

Forward Assault has released its 1.1022 update! Here are the patch notes:

-Added 11 New Glove Skins
-Added 3 New Hatchet Skins
-Added New Classified Skin GA83
-Added 4 New Special Offers
-Added Change Clan Name Feature
-Added Clear Clan Requests
-Added Private Clans
-Added Middle East Server
Blayze Gamers,

We present you the copyright strike statistics for weeks 3 and 4!

Copyright strikes have been filed against 210 additional Bullet Force videos that have been found to promote hacking and/or account sharing. This figure includes 70 videos from week 3 and 140 videos from week 4.

Far fewer videos of Forward Assault have been struck recently, but the main targets of these strikes are the latest APK for the 1.1020 update. Additionally, Forward Assault aims to further improve its anti-cheat system in future updates.

Thank you for tuning in today!

In other news...

Destined 2 Rise (D2R), the most renowned clan in the competitive Forward Assault community, has won the first Mobile eSports tournament for Forward Assault!

If you missed the Forward Assault Summer Cup’s finals, you can watch it down below:

The MP9 is getting nerfed! Video footage of the nerfed MP9 here:

GeneralAlex unveils two new Forward Assault skins for the Hatchet: Lexus and Retro!

~Blayze Games
Blayze Gamers,

The Community Skin Contest is well under way!


Blayze Games developer Alexkazam announced yesterday that Bullet Force and Forward Assault will be hosting a skin contest. This contest will put the community's most talented graphic designers head-to-head, with the top three winners being rewarded enormous hordes of gold, with first place getting their skin added to the game(s). Consolation prizes may be given to exceptionally good designers. New entries will close on the 21st of September.

Contestants must have:
- No inappropriate imagery
- No use of copyrighted imagery (Such as TV characters or logos)
- Do not steal skins from other games (The more original, the better chance of winning)
- You must send in both .tga and .psb files (If photoshop is not possible, we could make exceptions)​

Rules, resources and upload areas are available in the link below.

Good luck!


Upcoming Shorty SG nerf

In other news, HiT announced on his Twitter that the Shorty SG will be NERFED! Rejoice, hooray, huzzah!



HIT said: "There’s no way in heck a person should be able to kill me halfway across the map in one shot with a shotgun like it’s a sniper rifle and it’s not even a headshot. I’m sorry people but the Shorty SG will get nerfed."

I'm sure that we can all agree with HIT on that statement. Hopefully that nerf will come in the next update.
Warriors of Bullet Force,

Blayze Games delivers its first update focusing on patching bugs and glitches in accordance with the consensus of the players.

The 1.42 update has been released! Here are the patch notes:
- Added a release notes popup window for announcements (may or may not appear)
- Added option to allow only mods can spectate when creating a lobby
- Removed blacklist sever
- Added ban notice window that shows the time and reason of your ban
- High ping notice on the bottom left of the screen
- Rebalanced Shorty SG, MP5, AK-12, and AUG
- Fixed spacing in kill feed
- Fixed bugs/glitches in Canyon, Urban, and Woods
- Fixed the goggles button appearing in spectator mode when HUD is disabled
- Fixed loadout reset issue. You will now see your most-recently updated loadout when you log in to your account
- Fixed the TDM scoreboard displaying wrong results (wrong team winning/losing)
- Fixed HUD reset issue
- Changed spawn points in Canyons

Blayze Games encourages its players to keep reporting as many bugs as they can find, so that they can be patched in upcoming updates.

Week 3 Copyright Strike Report

Blayze Games has filed copyright strikes against 359 videos as of week 3. This figure includes 285 Bullet Force hacking/account sharing videos and 74 Forward Assault videos of the same kind.

~Blayze Games