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Warriors of Bullet Force and Forward Assault,

Multiple changes have been done with the development team to improve productivity and balance workload for each developer.

YouDoneSon is now part of Bullet Force’s development team. Blayze Games would like to thank him for expanding the moderation team, plugging holes into then-unmoderated server regions, especially Asia and Japan. Many of our mods, even some of our more senior ones, are moderators because of his work on the old system of applications for becoming Bullet Force moderator. YouDoneSon is also the new lead moderator and runs the Content Creator program for YouTubers who actively make videos of Bullet Force and Forward Assault.

HiT is now Blayze Games’ Director of Support/Community/Steering.

Isaiah and YouDoneSon are glad to be taking on their new responsibilities in Blayze Games.

We have also released the 1.36 update for Bullet Force. Here are the changes:

- Added Hardcore mode
- Added AK-5C assault rifle
- Added 5 new skins
- Mitigated hit detection issue
- Added a credits button to the community page

- Fixed other misc bugs

Expect another major update to Forward Assault in mid April!

-New Map
-New Gun
-Improved Economy System (+ More Rounds to Defuse)
-Grenades Fixed
-Banning System Improved
-Many Hacks Eliminated
-Server Lag Diminished
-Many Bugs Fixed
-Maybe more???


Information on Isaiah has been removed from the post. He is only the project manager of Forward Assault. HiT is the project manager of Bullet Force.
Warriors of Bullet Force and Forward Assault,

Lucas Wilde, the original creator of Bullet Force and Forward Assault, has uploaded a farewell video to his YouTube channel. For all who have closely followed Lucas and his two games over the past few years, he has stressed this fact from time to time. Many times has the feeling of closeness of his leave come and go, but now is the time to face the truth. He will be leaving on Monday, April 2nd. Lucas is now officially leaving the gaming communities he created and grew. He is leaving to a foreign country to preach the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This is far more important to him than the material successes of Bullet Force and Forward Assault.

We wish our utmost luck of Lucas in his mission!

Forward Assaulters,

Isaiah, the project manager of Forward Assault, has announced the trustworthy community members, moderators, and developers are now beta testing a new development build with the new Abandoned Mall map and a surprise new gun. Here are screenshots of the new map!

Isaiah has also addressed the Forward Assault community on Twitter in regards to recent game updates.




That’s not all! Stay tuned for a Bullet Force update in the process of beta testing to release very soon.
Join the official Bullet Force Discord channel! Chat with the friendly Bullet Force community, share your ideas with us, stay up to date on the latest news and join clans! Our server is staffed around the clock and we are always ready to handle your questions and feedback.


Join the official Bullet Force Discord channel:
Thank you to 997Solo for the invite link!
Forward Assaulters,

After our talks with new map designers, we’re ready to reveal work-in-progress screenshots of the upcoming abandoned mall map! This map will have two floors, glass windows, cover spots, and much more!


Mall - Upper level layout

Mall - Lower level


3D model view

Isaiah, the project manager of Forward Assault, has replied in response to unrest in the Forward Assault Discord server in regards to the changes made to the credits economy system for purchasing skins.

Blayze Games' animator Troy Irving posted this video on his YouTube channel on the 1st of March showcasing some of his latest work. The weapons in the video are from the games 'Hell Let Loose' by Black Matter, 'Our Ghosts of War' by Pixel Perfect Polygons, and of course Bullet Force and Forward Assault by Blayze Games!

Enjoy the video!

Click or tap here to watch the video on YouTube

Song Credit: OGRE Sound - Interceptor

Troy's website:
Guess what? You wanted it, so you shall recieve. Snipers only event coming next update to bullet force! Who's excited?
Bullet Force - HiT’s Gold Giveaway Winners

Warriors of Bullet Force,

HiT’s gold giveaway in the moderator announcement video has concluded. Thank you to everyone for your participation!

The winners are in the below video. The first 15 winners will receive 1000 gold, while the last winner will receive 5000 gold.

Tired of shuriken and tk spammers? Tired of getting quickscoped from across or up close on the map from snipers? Or those M320 HE and Dart people who get so frustrating at times? Well here is a quick sneak peak of the new Gun/Throwable filter coming to the next update! Stay tuned.... ;)

-Credits go to HiT one of the devs for sharing this screenshot with us-

Bullet Force - ACR coming soon + M1911 and Lewis Gun Buff

Warriors of Bullet Force,

I am glad to announce that your feedback on the Lewis Gun and M1911 are being taken into account. We are buffing both of these weapons. It has been noticed by the team that the M1911 offers no real benefit over the Compact .45. The Lewis Gun kills too slowly and has obstructive iron sights. The iron sights of the Lewis Gun will be made clearer, and the gun has been buffed to kill faster in the internal development build. No details available for the M1911 buffs yet but should be better within the next update.

Lots of feedback has been passed to the devs about overpowered and underpowered weapons as well.

You guys also asked for this! Watch the below video to see our answer to:

How to become a Bullet Force Moderator!