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Forward Assaulters,

Here’s what’s in store for the next update! The update is to be submitted this weekend.

-iPhone X & New phone resolution fix
-Gun duplication fix
-Players getting kicked fix
-Small grenade Fixes
-Ban system has been fixed
-Added In game Volume Option
-(Slide bar from 0-100 to allow discord users to hear or listen to music)
-Crates have been changed , duplicates give gold and cases will be changed more in next weeks update.​

There’s more to come after this update!

-A way to buy skins directly in your inventory is in the works. Skins will later be bought with duplicate camo credits. Gone shall the disappointment in getting a duplicate camo!

-Gloves will be added as new cosmetics in the future, and more legendary skins are coming in a new assault!

-All players from February 2018 and way back are to be given a unique item in-game!
The Forward Assault development team has also been speaking with new map designers after our current one left due to the need to move for his new job.

Stay in tune for any future news updates.

Update 2/17/2018

We apologize that our forum has been constantly going down. In the meantime, please follow the Twitter account, @fwdassaultgame, for updates.

Introducing the Loyalty skin! Props out to GeneralAlex for all his work on Forward Assault’s cosmetics.

All current players from the beginning of the game’s development until now will be given this limited special edition skin as a token of appreciation for supporting the game.

This camo will be available for the AK-47, FAL, Desert Eagle, and Karambit. Coming next Monday in the second Febuary 2018 update for Forward Assault!

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Hopefully Everything is working for Everybody. Keep Playing and Having Fun
Forward Assaulters,

We are glad to announce the release of this first update since our new developer staff have taken place! Some players have been given a beta build of the new update. Keep an eye out for videos of the upcoming update from YouTubers! The update emphasizes exposure to our social media and new features in place to improve the efficiency of moderators’ jobs. We have some new content coming in as a surprise!
Forward Assaulters,

Thank you for your submissions to the Christmas video contest! Here are the top 3 winners!

1st place is...Royal Skyline! Royal Skyline delivers you an accented commentary about the recent Christmas update with Christmas-themed skins!

2nd place is... BigBoZz. BigBoZz, a YouTuber known for documenting glitch spots in Bullet Force and Forward Assault, takes a break from his typical videos. His entry: A perfect gun sync with the song Ding Dong Merrily On High!

3rd place is...Nintendo97 (aka Borisa). Borisa is a newcomer to the YouTube community based around the games made by Blayze Games...but that doesn’t stop him from earning a spotlight in this competition. He’s been making montages for months now. With the help of EXTINCT1ON, he improved his editing and syncing skills and landed a place in this contest!

On the official Forward Assault Discord server, we have published a new roadmap. You may have noticed a new channel, #roadmap. Here are the plans for future updates according to the roadmap...for now.

Forward Assault Roadmap
Scoreboard- Ability to view players stats, etc.
Community Page- Discord / Twitter
Team Text Chat- Ability to message teammates or All players in game
Ranked Mode- Added queues into ranked (other fixes)
Friendly Fire- Added to Ranked mode
Grenade Fixes
Tournament Moderator Program
Creator Club Tags Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!...
OverRide eSports Tournament

To all the E-Sports lovers and especially to all the skilled players out there, today we present to you the OverRide E-Sports Tournament!

This is a place where you can play with your clan against other clans and win Gold as prizes. They host Professional and Competitive Tournaments in Bullet Force. This is a cracking good chance to show everyone how good your clan is and become the champion of the OverRide E-Sports. So what are you waiting for? Register your clan today!

Join the new OverRide Discord channel now with this never-expire link:
Forward Assaulters,

We have two treats for you!

The new developers of Forward Assault are officially starting today. They are Nick, Ankit, and pelax.

Nick will work on the technical aspects our games’ clients. Ankit will manage our games’ servers. Last, but not least, pelax has 10 years of experience and is glad to be working for Blayze Games!

Forward Assault is also hosting a Christmas video contest!
Ho Ho Ho soldiers,

Santa has a little treat for ya.

We are happy to announce the release of the Official Bullet Force Ranked Server.

Join, have fun with your friends and earn awesome rewards by ranking up!



-Do not buy any guns or gold!

The current update of Bullet Force is very buggy and there are numerous reports of player's gold not being added. Do not spend any real money in the game until this issue gets fixed in the next update!

This bug is very persistent and there are new reports coming in from the BF Discord channels of players losing money to this bug! Do not buy any currency in the game until there is an official announcement of this bug being fixed!
That's the word from the Devs folks. Assuming nothing untoward crops up, the new update should be with us soon. :)