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Forward Assaulters,

In the next update of Forward Assault, we will be introducing a new and much cleaner control interface!

There will also be a South American server region in the next update.


You will be able to throw your weapon by clicking the weapon button and dragging your finger towards either the left/right x button.


Earlier today, Lucas Wilde did a livestream showing the new Woods map. The map includes two major sections: a forest and military base. Two new weapons will be added this update.

First we have the CS-LR4. This sniper fills the gap between the MK11 designated marksman rifle and M40A5. It boasts high accuracy and rate of fire but lacks range. This sniper will kill in a single body shot only at close range. Mid-range engagements will require a headshot to instantly kill. We expect new and experienced snipers alike to enjoy this weapons. This weapon, like all other early-access weapons, will most likely cost 1000 gold.


We also have the FAD assault rifle. It the third bullpup assault rifle coming to the game after FAMAS and AUG. This weapon's high damage, rate of fire, and range allows it to be a menace to any assault rifle and even DMR and snipers at medium-long range, but it comes at the price of reduced accuracy over range. This assault rifle will cost credits.

A new shotgun is coming to Forward Assault: the M1014 semi-auto shotgun!


Update 9/28/2017:

Here is a Forward Assault livestream held earlier today showcasing the Tec-9 and M1014!

Here are new camos for the Karambit and PP-2000, designed by GeneralAlex, who helps make camos for Forward Assault development.



Lastly, based on your customer feedback, we're redesigning the menu interface for Forward Assault! We listened to your feedback and you said that the menu was too big to fit into smaller phone displays. We have changed the aspect ratio and background of our menu to make it more pleasing to the eye.


We are glad to announce the replacement of the current Dusty map with a new map design. You've seen how well we've designed Streets and can expect even more out of this new map!

Lucas is currently waiting for the development team to finish all new guns before releasing the long-awaited Woods update.

2 new developers have been hired into the Blayze Games development team. Our priorities for Bullet Force will change to fixing many old bugs that have been present. We encourage all of you to report any new bugs you find for the game. Any valid threads will be passed on to Lucas and/or the development team. They are also open to new features to help improve the game.



We present you the M16A1!

The M16 is a standard-issue rifle used mainly by the U.S. Army. It is the descendant of research carried out throughout the 1950's for a new standard issue and the AR-15 rifle. The M16 suffered from alarmingly high failure rates early in its service during the Vietnam War. While it is not as reliable as the AK-47, good maintenance practices still allow this rifle to be used even in the harshest of conditions. Later-production M16's gradually solved design flaws in the initial version. Development of the M16 led to the M4 carbine, a shortened M16A2, in the 1990's.

The M16A1, then known as the XM16E1 before official entry into service, was the first mass-produced variant of the M16 rifle. This M16 suffered high failure rates in the early years of the escalation of the Vietnam War. There are stories of American soldiers being found dead with jammed M16's. Colt claimed that the M16 was self-cleaning, which was later found to be false after a Congressional investigation. Cleaning kits for the .22 caliber were hardly ever issued in Vietnam, and no instruction manuals for the M16 were found. Many soldiers deployed to Vietnam interviewed by a Colt representative did not have prior experience to handling the M16 until they had arrived in Vietnam. A major cause of the problems found was the use of Ball powder instead of IMR extruded type. Cleaning brushes for the bore and chamber in addition to more cleaning kits and manuals were later distributed.

This will be the M16 variant selected for addition to Bullet Force.


Here's a sneak peek on new guns and improvements we're working on for future updates!

The Skorpion EVO submachine has been confirmed for Bullet Force!

The Laugo, which the Skorpion EVO...

Get hyped for what you've been waiting for! Woods is coming back by your popular demand!



Hi everyone,

Forward Assault is now released on iOS and can be downloaded from the App Store!

There are a lot of things for you to check out including the guns and skins that aren't featured in Lucas' popular game Bullet Force and, for all of you competitive players, the game also features a ranked system!

So what are you waiting for? Download it now!:
Warriors of Bullet Force,

We are proud to present to you your new commander-in-chief when Lucas leaves for his mission. For starters, Lucas is a Mormon and he has been saying he would leave repeatedly one day. Lucas may leave later this year. Meet his father, Clint Wilde!

Clint Wilde has over 2 decades of experience in large-scale web projects. We expect that his expertise in web design will allow our site to flourish.

We are bringing to light several long-standing that have existed in Bullet Force.

A new developer with experience in Unity is being hired by our current dev team. We may hire more people into the team in the future.

Tonight or tomorrow, the URL of Blayze Games will change. Main site will now be, while the forum will be located at

We wish best luck to Clint Wilde in taking Lucas's place in the community!
These are the list of staff of Bullet Force --

Lucas Wilde (nxtboyIII) - creator, programmer
Troy Irving - animator
Mavrik - developer, customer support team --


Blayze Games Forum staff:
nxtboyIII -----------------administrator
goldmaster11 ----------administrator
FabulousMrToad -------moderator
XKuro --------------------moderator
mwells1989Æ ----------moderator
Nick1389 ---------------- moderator
EXTINCT1ON -----------moderator
Minewaku ----------------moderator
xLGNDx ------------------ moderator


-- Official Bullet Force Game MOD List --
1. nxtboyIII (Dev)
2. ViperConcepts
3. Element
4. Adgoez
5. MarfGaming
6. Alexkazam
7. Joker
8. BeachBanana
9. Bnatesgamer
10. Silver812
11. iChase
12. Coolmark
13. Mavrik
14. GeneralAlex
16. L4RS
17. lnsaneAce
18. DocHolliday
19. mwells1918
20. Nick1389
21. HlT
22. MORPG (former)
23. mwells1989
24. goldmaster11
25. IMTurbo
26. SuperP1XEL
27. YetiMacheteHD
28. MultiCrack67
29. Marky99
30. bloodyduck
31. Gunnyhighway (former)
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33. LoBoB1K3R
34. dzcmaster
35. CptLed(DM)
36. YoloGameTube
37. Preet69
38. Legowolf
39. Altanick
40. Minewaku
41. Villlain
42. XStealthPainX
43. Wingnut
44. xKuro
45. FabulousMrToad
46. UpyGamer
47. SkylliN

These days, we sometimes see MOD hacker.
So if you guys meet MOD not listed on this, pls report to us.
Half of the new map for Bullet Force has been finished.



Here is the M240!