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Many of you would have loved to have Woods remastered. You asked for it. The new map will bring back some elements from older maps including Woods. Here's a preview screenshot and video of the new map!

Click here to see the GIF preview.

We are glad to present you screenshots of the new map and upcoming weapons to Bullet Force!

CZ-805 BREN (called CX-705 for copyright reasons)



CZ-805 BREN more complete (made by former Gameloft employee who worked on Modern Combat 4).


We are glad to announce the names of the new moderators!

YouDoneSon has made a video about the new mods in Bullet Force. The video lasts 19 minutes, but for time-saving purposes, we advise to watch only the first 9 minutes and 40 seconds of the video. That is the portion of the video relevant to the announcement. They are only beginning their Bullet Force careers and are doing a great job so far!


We apologize for the inconvenience caused by our customer support. Some of you may have not been able to get a respond to your tickets from customer support. We believe that it is in your best interest to know this as we have an official say regarding the customer support problems.

Here is the plan for the map.



The M98B will replace the M40.


Update: new screenshots!


Greetings warriors of Bullet Force!

Thank you for appreciating the work of our current moderators of the game!

We are now accepting new moderators for Bullet Force

Bullet Force Moderator and YouTuber YouDoneSon has talked to the developers of Bullet Force and has been assigned to find new moderators for Bullet Force. As we already have good moderators from the West, we specifically want to have moderators who can patrol the Asian servers of the game. However, we will still accept players from America and Europe who are qualified for job. Watch this video to learn the characteristics that a moderator should have and how to apply to become a mod!

We wish luck to those who are willing to become the next Bullet Force Moderator!

Greetings warriors of Bullet Force!

The MK 11 has been released in the new alpha build to the Android version of Bullet Force! This marks a milestone in Bullet Force's update history as the first designated marksman rifle in the game!

The camo artist working for Lucas Wilde has found a new way of making weapon camouflages. Here are the old camo graphics vs new camo graphics.




Here we have a sneek peek on another upcoming gun!



Other changes for the upcoming update:

- M4A1 will be 4 shot kill and have reduced camera shake.
- New event mode
- Matches will be sorted in this order: public, private, generated
- Weapons in loadout will be sorted from least to most expensive
- Invisible walls fixed in Oupost barrier under truck added. Chair and table collision in Park and Office fixed.