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Greetings my Bullet Force warriors!

If you have been following the Bullet Force community, illegal in-game moderators have been appearing in-game using Guest accounts to play. We initially were unable to ban them. We later found we could get the ban command to work by using a space after /ban before typing in the Guest's name.

Hopefully, Lucas addresses the issue eventually.

Bullet Force moderator ViperConcepts has talked to a illegal hacking Guest moderator on this subject. The Guest claims he is able to reverse engineer the game to be moderator when his device logs in to any account. He is also using a wide variety of hacks and is able to enter private matches without password. He has "almost" all permissions (we assume all but the ability to ban) and said a special key to verify if an account is legit mod to be able to ban players. Here is a video about ViperConcepts talking to the Guest about how he can hack to get mod permissions that was privately shared from a closed source, courtesy of ViperConcepts.

Update 5/16/2017: New screenshot.
Hey Bullet Force soldiers!

The UMP 45 and Shuriken been released on the Google Play Alpha test for Bullet Force. Also, M60 now costs credits.

The ads issue is suppose to be fixed in this update, but please let us know if the issue still exists.

The update will be submitted to Apple once the kinks have been worked out on Android

Credits to Bloody Duck Gaming for making this video!

From @nxtboyIII on Twitter!

We will release UMP 45 soon!


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